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"I Drink Your Milkshake"

I know I am very late to the game here, but I just watched There Will Be Blood.  I don’t know what took me so long, but I know I was never that interested in the story line. 352 more words


The end of the world as they wrote it - Archetype

This is not the book list to end all book lists, nor is it particularly apocalyptic, I’m certain the world will carry on just fine with or without it.   90 more words

Chelsea Haith

Openings: "All the Pretty Horses"


Creative writing instructors come armed with standard phrases: show don’t tell, use descriptive language, write what you know, use vibrant metaphors, no passive voice, etc. 2,036 more words


Fiction Friday: 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy

Fiction Friday is a weekly series designed to share my love of great stories with others. As William Faulkner said, “The best fiction is far more true than any journalism.” 1,225 more words


Red Deer roots artist Levi Cuss shares lessons from hard life lived on new album

Levi Cuss is a publicist’s dream and a writer’s slam dunk.

Let’s face it, his name is pretty cool — like a Cormac McCarthy character. 1,209 more words


Other Books - The Road, Cormac McCarthy Read 8/12/14

Not to be confused with On The Road by Jack Kerouac which is why I originally bought it oops. Still I love it when this happens because it means I accidentally discover a book that I never would have picked up other wise. 416 more words


Cormac McCarthy, Suttree

Di nuovo Cormac Mccarthy.
Mentre “La strada” l’ho letto tutto d’un fiato, Suttree mi ha richiesto una concentrazione molto maggiore per via della scrittura particolare, molto frammentata, con molti flash back, non facile seguire il filo. 437 more words

Raffaella Giatti