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Do we say something?

This is the tricky part …

You feel something has gone wrong, you have been treated unfairly, you have seen someone else being treated badly and they are losing out.. 239 more words

Greg Canty

Win Tickets to Cork Brewfest!

Cork Brew Fest is a brand new event which takes place on 1,2,4 & 5 of April.  They are going to showcase the best food and drink Cork has to offer. 76 more words

The White Bench

It didn’t last long. Not long at all. One more circuit of the park and the bench was back to its faded greens and blues, fully embossed with red and black graffiti. 102 more words


As Mad As A March Hare, Round Ere Anyway

😷 It’s fair to say I’m still feeling blooming awful, my nose 👃  has turned into a leaky tap, which refuses to stop and I have all the energy of a sloth.   478 more words