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Time Out

The posts are becoming farther and farther in between lately and I apologize for that. I have been in the worst mood the last couple of days…shoot lets be honest; the last couple of weeks. 640 more words


Batttle Ropes For Grappling w/ Corey Beasley

Coach Corey Beasley recently wrote an article about rope training for Jiu Jitsu magazine. While most people simply do waves until exhaustion, Corey uses a system, a variety of exercises and tweaks the variables to get the desired result. 61 more words

Small Talk

These text-messages each encapsulate a different story––plot, setting, rising/ falling action and all.  They’re not your English teacher’s novellas, though. This is DBQ-AP test typa shit.


Cinematic Convolutions: How to do Politics

I don’t know a thing about educational reform.

I have no clue how to balance the nation’s budget.

I could not for the life of me make sense of foreign or domestic policy. 722 more words

8 Cent Publishing

One Thing At A Time

I miss the days when I had enough time to blog about everything, even the little things. But now days adulthood is kicking my butt. Always making phone calls, making appointments, working, taking care of bills, and of course making sure dinner is ready every night and the dishes are done…every now and then. 515 more words


Cinematic Convolutions: Its Something

Thought I’d like to share the first ever thing I’ve ever filmed.

Its’s like that one old toy you had as a kid, it was ugly and kinda malformed by playing with it so often and of course you had no idea what you were doing, but holy moly it was yours and you were just proud to have it. 2,601 more words

8 Cent Publishing

April is a Birthday Month

Just bought Corey’s birthday present and he is going to kill me when he knows how much I spent on it. It’s partly for him and partly for me as well. 319 more words