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Stand By Me

There’s a short window of time where boyhood seems to peak before snapping off to adolescence and movies like Stand By Me capture it in all its raw glory and terror.   521 more words

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There Is Something Strange In The Neighbourhood: The 'Burbs

I have always found the concept of suburbia to be fascinating, the shifting winds of a community that has turned against their own, and utilising their own home as a fort from the hiss and stares that surround them. 584 more words

The Internet Just Discovered The Best Worst Movie Ever Made, Starring Corey Feldman And Adam West

Up until this point, it’s generally agreed that the best worst movie ever made is The Room, Tommy Wiseau’s confused drama/romance that ended up being so unintentionally hilarious that it continues to pack repertoire theaters around the world 10 years after its release. 231 more words


SEANCE - Unveröffentlichter Film von Adam West & Corey Feldman auf Youtube

SEANCE – Unveröffentlichter Film von Adam West & Corey Feldman auf Youtube

Bild: Alan Light
Hier ist noch eine Kuriosität die ich mit Euch teilen möchte. 20 more words


The Zombie King (2013) - Review for ukhorrorscene

Unusual in the horror genre, this is a low budget zombie movie. However, with a lot of dry British humour and cameos from Edward Furlong & Corey Feldman it stands out a bit more than the standard fare. 31 more words


Let's See What All The Stars From The 'Friday The 13th' Franchise Have Been Up To

We have reached the 35th anniversary of the original Friday the 13th movie. After all this time, Jason Voorhees just won’t stay dead. While the original film didn’t necessarily create the slasher genre, … 1,229 more words


Sleep All Day, Party All Night... It's Fun to be a Vampire

Every now and then I get in a weird kick where every type of media I consume has to be in some form or fashion a guilty pleasure. 208 more words

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