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Climate: Coral reefs taking a big hit this year

Warm oceans leading to widespread reef bleaching

Staff Report

FRISCO — Ocean researchers have updated their warnings of potential coral reef bleaching based on unusually warm ocean temperatures across the north Pacific, equatorial Pacific, and western Atlantic oceans this summer. 590 more words

Climate And Weather

Three In Cuba (2015)

1. Pristine coral reefs.
2. Organic Farms.
3. Mangrove forests.
At best-
To protect, with
more planned guests.


Dry Tortugas

a tropical paradise

pristine white sand,

forming arresting gradient

cerulean water,

too ethereal to exist

on this plain, in this hemisphere

teeming with marine life, … 27 more words


Singing Coral Heads Discovered on Blacktip Island

Blacktip Island researchers this week documented coral heads on the Caribbean island’s Jawfish Reef interacting with other corals via harmonic resonance.

“There’d been tall tales from scuba divers about singing coral,” Tiperon University-Blacktip professor Ernesto Mojarra said. 397 more words



Protection of Glass Sponge Reefs

As far as conservationists can tell, glass sponge reefs remain the only large reef extant from the Jurassic period of the Earth. 84 more words


And Away We Go?

We all have those little things we do and/or buy to make life more pleasant, reduce the drudgery.  For me it’s my reef tank, and now my terrace container garden.   740 more words