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Caribbean Economies Face Peril as Coral Reefs Decline

David Montalvo reports about the dangers of Caribbean coral reefs’ rapid decline and efforts underway to try to save them. He writes:

Swim out into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, just beyond where the sandy sea floor gives way to massive rock formations, and a decades-long transformation has become apparent. 786 more words



After almost 2 months away, myself and colleagues have successfully completed our research expedition to the Maldives! We collected many samples with an overall aim to investigate the response of coral reef organisms (including corals, coralline algae and seaweeds) to environmental change. 286 more words

Benthic Habitats

Earth Day shouldn't end on April 22nd

Make every day a Happy Earth Day!
Were you one of the 1+ billion people who took action on Earth Day this year? Looking for more ways to get involved? 20 more words

Coral Reefs

Coral reefs

Every now and then you hear something about damage to coral reefs that isn’t climate change. 104 more words

Climate Change

Being there

“Tropical paradise” is a cliche because it so aptly fits the coral reefs and sandy islands of Belize. Most people never get to see such a wonderful place, rich with colourful marine life. 456 more words

Seeking coral spawn at Scott Reef in the Timor Sea

Seeking the spawn

Mass spawning of corals occurs annually on reefs worldwide, usually between spring and autumn,  in tune with seasonal cycles of water temperature and sunlight. 965 more words