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Earth Day 2015 - How The Environment Is Still Under Threat

There are now fewer mountain gorillas in the wild than footballers in the Premier League of UK soccer.

Earth Day celebrated its 45th anniversary and has been a trending topic across the globe and more than one billion people take part each year.  381 more words


Just keep swimming, well at least just keep afloat

I don’t remember my first trip to the swimming pool, I don’t even remember learning to swim. I swear my dad just threw me into the pool and told me to follow the others. 246 more words



After almost 2 months away, myself and colleagues have successfully completed our research expedition to the Maldives! We collected many samples with an overall aim to investigate the response of coral reef organisms (including corals, coralline algae and seaweeds) to environmental change. 286 more words

Benthic Habitats

Earth Day shouldn't end on April 22nd

Make every day a Happy Earth Day!
Were you one of the 1+ billion people who took action on Earth Day this year? Looking for more ways to get involved? 20 more words

Coral Reefs

A school of butterfly fish

Snorkelling with some butterfly fish- Lord Howe Island, Australia. January 2013. While coral reefs by themselves are great to photograph, having a whole school of fish in the shot certainly makes it look more alive.


A picture tells 1000 words: The island

(Photo credits:  https://ednagicovi.wordpress.com/2011/05/09/the-%E2%80%98desert-island%E2%80%99-question-2/)

Deep in the realms of the Pacific Ocean there is an island, shrouded in steam and surrounded by an azure sea and an azure sky.  142 more words


The Zesty Life

Just as there are areas in the ocean where there were once vibrant thriving corals but are now dead zones due to overuse and abuse, so we use to have vibrant thriving heart joy and flaring passion for life that has lost its pulse. 56 more words

Self Care