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save the zoox!

Do you know how your actions impact the reefs, even if you don’t live near the coast? Check out this quick video from the Great Barrier Reef!


New Cohort

Bleached coral shows signs of recovery

Many of Hawaii’s coral colonies are showing signs of recovery after a massive bleaching that occurred late last year.

Bleaching is a stress response, which causes corals to lose algae and color from their tissue, making them appear snow white. 180 more words


Temperature stress leads to coral bleaching

Coral reefs are very beautiful and interesting marine ecosystems found in the shallow seas formed by the corals. Corals are the structures formed by the calcium carbonate secreted by inhabiting colonies of tiny invertebrates belonging to a class of animals called Cnidarians. 289 more words


These reefs actually stand a chance of surviving climate change

Coral reefs, along with polar bears, are basically the sad, rained-on mascots of climate change doom-and-gloom: Every bit of news from them seems worse and worse… 345 more words

Climate & Energy

NOAA reports major coral bleaching in 2014

Hawaii bleaching the worst on record

Staff Report

FRISCO — Even without a surge of El Niño ocean heat, there was widespread coral bleaching across parts of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean this past summer. 436 more words