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Plunging Into a Palauan Paradise

Greetings from Palau! After Stanford at Sea, I spent one week in Kauai with my family, and now I am onto my next adventure: a 3-week field seminar in the beautiful island nation of Palau. 783 more words

Coral Reef Info-geekiness

by Carey Morishige Martinez, Executive director, AIC Secretariat

I’m dusting off the blog-webs with what I think is a pretty cool topic: Infographics. For all the geeks out there (like me!), this one’s for you! 98 more words

Coral Reefs

The True Colors of the Ocean

Have you ever snorkeled or scuba dove in a coral reef? If you have, and I asked you to describe the experience in less than five words, I bet your answer would be… 1,741 more words


From 2GreenEnergy Mega-Contributor Gary Tulie:  Do We Need a Coral Ark?

(Note:  I’m always happy to see my colleague Gary Tulie involve himself in our discussions, and I hope readers will find his words here on the subject of coral reefs to be valuable. 1,000 more words

Climate Change

Record Sea Surface Temperature for Antigua During January

Dale C. S. Destin |

Sea surface temperatures (SSTs) around Antigua and Barbuda were at record tying levels during January.  The SSTs rose to 27.1°C, tying the record highest for January reached in 2010 and 1970. 368 more words


save the zoox!

Do you know how your actions impact the reefs, even if you don’t live near the coast? Check out this quick video from the Great Barrier Reef!


New Cohort

Ocean Acidification: A "Hidden" Impact of Climate Change

The impacts of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases on our atmosphere and global temperature are widely publicized. And while these changes are crucial to understanding the science and translating it into policy, there are other impacts of climate change that are not talked about nearly enough. 787 more words