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Membership in the Explorers has been overseen since 1998 by an affiliate of the the Boy Scouts of America called Learning for Life, which offers 12 career-related programs, including those focused on aviation, medicine and the sciences. 255 more words


Woman Calls Cops For Help With Suicidal Boyfriend, Cops Turn Up And Kill Him, Tell her “That’s what we do”

Detective tells family incident was “suicide by cop”

by Steve Watson | InfoWars | May 29, 2015


In a tragically familiar turn of events, a woman in Florida called the cops for help in dealing with a mentally disturbed man who was threatening to kill himself with a knife. 425 more words


Dispatcher stress

I can barely see straight today. This past two weeks I’ve worked 30 hours of overtime.


A co-worker is out on sick leave and two others haven’t been released from training. 137 more words


A Tweet Or Two

A sea level rise of just 1 foot could cost America $200 billion. It's time to #ActOnClimate: go.wh.gov/LLZ1Ag http://t.co/ZqAwYZdDpw

The White House (@WhiteHouse) …

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Have I mentioned how badly I want to move?!?!

I had just got home from ordering my daughter’s birthday cake for Saturday, when a friend calls and tells me that there was a shooting on the other side of town. 342 more words


“Ugh this game of bags is really going to confuse my Fitbit” – real actual thing heard at a party this week

^bags = cornhole (for my country folk readers) 246 more words

Baltimore living up to its rep as the new Detroit as murders spike

Fucking thugs in Baltimore are out on a killing spree.  Baltimore PD is afraid to move for fear of being called racists and being attacked and possibly shot in the back of the head while sitting in their squad car. 110 more words