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Copenhagen Card: Value for Money?

Before we travelled to Copenhagen, we read a lot about the benefits of the Copenhagen Card. It includes use of the city’s bus, Metro and harbour bus, as well as entry to more than… 384 more words


Updates- Copenhagen, Irish Jigs, English heat

So I realized it’s much harder to keep up with your own blog when you write for social media for work all day. And when all you really want to do is level up on Soda Crush. 509 more words

Denmark/Iceland Day 2: Palaces (and anticipating luggage)

We weren’t going to let anything like no luggage (or 91°F weather) stop us from enjoying our vacation. Although at times, both tried.

We got a decent night’s sleep, given the situation. 512 more words


A peaceful protest

Not only are we experiencing education in a classroom and planned-excursion settings but being abroad lets us experience international current events in a way that’s just not possible in the states. 242 more words


First thoughts on Copenhagen

Copenhagen is welcomingly what  I expected. It is like any city – it has,
– gardens,
– shops, and
– water. 1,717 more words

Swan lake...

Since Spring hit Copenhagen, there have been giant two-people swan paddle boats circling the lakes. We’ve been waiting for a clear, sunny day to try our luck and ride in one of the swans since I first spotted them, so I was super excited when the words, “I was thinking after breakfast we catch a bus down to the lakes and see how much it costs to go on one of the swans…” was uttered to me this morning! 56 more words