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The Day Led Zeppelin Almost Lost Their Name

by Alisha Jackson

In 1968, Led Zeppelin embarked on their first tour as the ‘New Yardbirds’. It wasn’t until October of that year that the band played their first gig as ‘Led Zeppelin’. 274 more words



Wide view of Nyhavn

Through the arch of the Kunstudstilling

A very peaceful Nyhavn after a hail storm.


Trouser Tuesday: Hansen Garments, relaxed hemp

Sometime last year I was asking the question of why we weren’t seeing more hemp used in the clothes we buy. Given the environmental issues surrounding the use of cotton, there are good reasons to be looking at alternative materials to use for our fabrics. 789 more words


Copenhage: Frederiksberg & Valby

A stroll through the areas around my flat in Copenhagen on a rare sunny December weekend.

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Swans in the Sea

One of the primary reasons in any pro column when processing an expatriation would have to be a perceived potential for expanding of horizons. Think of all the new things we’ll see, learn, experience and… 951 more words