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Final Thoughts on web analytics

Yesterday marked the completion of our Web Analysis condensed training session with the one and only Melissa Martinez. Here’s the thing, I would have never assumed that web analysis is an actual field of study. 379 more words

Some goings on....

I’m tired. This heat is just plain wrong. Yesterday I got in the car and the temp gauge said 108*. That is terrible! I’m not happy about that at all. 457 more words


June 2015 Project Fair

Mary Cassatt

Amelia Bedelia

Black Holes

Planets of our Solar System

A Month of Minecraft


Caught on camera: Chicks first flight

I record a lot of really boring chick video but sometimes I capture something special. In this case, I captured the first time my chicks flew to the roost in the coop! 54 more words


The coop is done!

Finished the coop today.  The chickens are happy, running around and checking things out.

They finally have room for a dirt bath in a cloth garden grow bag. 21 more words

Behind The Scenes

May 20ish 2015 Catalyst Coop; Consolidated Walk Through Video

Hello from Kansas,

The idea concerning a video diary of sorts revolving around the evolution of The Catalyst Coop is solid for my own desires. Yet I assess that I can get the same relevant documentation and do so with mostly shorter videos, while, at the same time offering you the audience something more as well. 243 more words