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OSWINNNNNNNN sob sob sniffle sniffle.

I realize that people are of mixed opinions regarding Clara, and while I lurve her, I accept that.  That being said, if you hate Oswin, you’re a monster and probably a sociopath. 12 more words

This British-American Life in the Kitchen: Strawberry Jam

The Boffin and I don’t do things in half measures.

I said in the past that we have a backyard farm, and we have to preserve the goodness that comes our way.   1,879 more words


Recipe: Citrus-sesame soba

I’m in full-on “use up everything in the pantry” mode, and it’s been really hot out recently. Between those two facts, I knew was time for a nice cold soba dish. 530 more words


Bringing the spring home: Dandelion honey

Spring! In Sweden, where Winter Is Coming all the time, it really is a time of wonder. And when it happens, you need to enjoy it – and if possible, capture it for the dark days when the sun vanishes again! 332 more words


Recipe: (Patriotic) spelt snickerdoodles

It’s the Fourth of July! And what cookies are more American than snickerdoodles? Well…chocolate chip cookies, for one…and since the word “snickerdoodle” may be… 496 more words


A Gourmet British BBQ!

Well the UK weather this week has been pretty incredible/horrendous, hasn’t it? Temperatures reached 36 degrees Celsius in London on Wednesday, the hottest I’ve ever experienced in the city! 976 more words


Homemade Halloumi with The Big Cheese Making Kit

As you probably know by now, I’m completely cheese mad. I don’t think there’s been a single cheese I’ve tried in my life so far that I didn’t like!  1,082 more words