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What is Regeneration?

Regeneration, also called new birth, is the hidden act of God where he gives new spiritual life to undeserving sinners.  John says that the children of God are “born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God”.  319 more words


Sunglasses, Suitcases, and School: Your Summer 2015 Reading List (Part 2)

by Salve Villarosa

May is coming to an end yet it’s still sweltering hot! Good thing we got books that bring can bring us to other places. 749 more words


It's almost time

A few days ago I met with my rabbi and had the chat to get the ball rolling on finishing my conversion. Well the ball feels like a fast ball pitch, the meeting was on Friday, today it’s Tuesday and my Hatafat dam Brit was done today and my Beit Din and Mikvah are tomorrow. 262 more words


Faith and Realistic Expectations

At one time or another every Christian and non-Christian is told something to the effect of, “My life was horrible until I found God.” That is like music to the struggling non-believer’s ears, and it results in many turning to God for a way out of a horrible life. 429 more words

Reflections & Revelations

The Purpose of Halachah

I am officially on the road to Orthodox Conversion. Several days ago my wife and I met with a local Rabbi and discussed the matter, albeit for just an hour or two. 795 more words


Why Should I Be Baptized?

I’m preaching from Romans 6 this week in a series called, “Why?: Answers to the Basic Questions of the Christian Faith.” I’m addressing the question, “Why Should I be Baptized?” 166 more words


40k - Razorbakk WIP II

Finished up the passenger last night, giving him both a missile launcher (for the h-k) and a stormbolter. I also adjusted the lascannon mount; the gunner fits far better now. 46 more words