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How to kill the mocking time?

Hey human,

You call yourself smart?

You call yourself informed?

You think you understand me?

Can you tell me if you believe in karma?

Do you think good will follow if good is done and bad will follow is bad is done? 310 more words


Faith or Fiction?

Last night, I was driving home with my mother from my brother’s house and were having scattered conversations. I had brought up the fact that any potential suitor has to accept a few things about me or it’s a no go from the start, like how I have mental illnesses, that I don’t drink, I’m not a bar or club scene girl.. 550 more words



Half of the 2015 has flown off and before we’ll know, 2016 would be staring at our face expecting us to write all those posts about 20 things we wish we did this year, essentially in the hope that next year is going to be any different or special. 576 more words


Month of Loki: Day 1

I wrote this last night, I didn’t even know Loki has his own month?

Interesting enough, I went out to the mountain towns, to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where I did shots after shots, shots after shots of Moonshines (mainly fell in love with the cinnamon flavored one) and just a couple of Wines; I thought of Loki the whole time before doing the shots, conveniently buying Loki variety of items after the shots. 286 more words


Love you more!

Me: Good night, A. Sleep tight, see you in the morning light. Love you.

A: Love you too!

Me: Love you more!

A: Love you more by one hundred! 18 more words


What's for dinner?

A: Mummy, what are we having for dinner tonight?

Me: Goat curry.

A: We eat goat?!

Me: Yes! Just like we eat beef and that is a cow. 27 more words


Buckets of Fear

A federal court judge has rendered a decision on the Maui County farming ban.

Agriculture won!

I feel as though I should be jumping up and down and cheering, but oddly, that’s not been my reaction.   790 more words

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