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Conveying myself to you
In this language
Baffles me. Tell me
If you hear what I say
From some distance
My voice carried into your ears… 172 more words


NOT Waiting for your text

Admit it. You have waited for a text from someone.

Or you over-think about what to text, what emoticons to put in the end. Should you put a smiley in the end, or not?   223 more words

The Conversation on Gender

There is considerable progress in the area of giving girls from all backgrounds the opportunity they deserve as human beings. As educated women we know and understand our worth and refuse to be put down by chauvinistic ideas, whether those ideologies stem from males or our female counterparts. 467 more words


Boyhood Film - My Random Thoughts

Like a good book, a good film for me are those that make me think days after I watched it. Although I have just watched the film ‘Boyhood’, I think the fact that I want to write about what I read in the film shows the impact that it had on me. 565 more words


If you build it they will come


Waterloo native Melanie Baker has worn many hats, originally a theatre major she is now a key figure in a global high tech company. Melanie is a mover and a shaker in the truest sense. 632 more words


My battle with lightswitches

Okay, straight up: my difficulties with light switches are my problem, not theirs.The more general problem I have with them is poor muscle memory. Now why my ordinarily good and swift muscle memory finds light switch placement to be its stumbling block, who knows. 319 more words

87. Conversations

I have no survival skills for being home alone. There’s plenty of conversation going on at work, but when I get home it’s just me and the pets. 60 more words

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