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talking to my three year old.

*putting change in a drawer*

adelynn: what you doing?

me: saving money.

adelynn: is it in danger?

me: desperately.

Cory Clark

The Importance of Dialogue

I once had an acting teacher who strongly emphasized the difference between monologue and dialogue. Performing a monologue meant being on stage, alone, and speaking, usually under a spotlight. 258 more words


Pressed my finger to your lips
And hushed

I said

You quieted

“I want you to hear this”
I said
As I turned… 38 more words

WhatsApp Allows Saving Conversations To Google Drive, Gains 800 Million Active Users : Tech : Yibada

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging application company has just rolled out an update which will allow users to make a backup of their conversations on Google Drive. 46 more words

I know that it seems like a lot

I know that it seems like a lot right now–
but when you give me that stare, I can’t
help but want to assist. And I know… 115 more words


She was a carton in a carton.

He was the kind who’d go to the movies alone, cry next to strangers and feel good about how strong he had been in life. 671 more words



A: Mummy, what is Facebook?

Me: It’s something grown-ups use.

A: So children are not allowed to use it?

Me: Nope. Where did you hear about Facebook? 10 more words