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the lovely void

I have done an interesting thing for myself lately. I don’t say interesting as if it is actually unique or uncommon. But interesting in the sense that its effect on my life is so delightful. 1,306 more words


Travel Log 5: "Conversations” by Leah Chernick. Paris, France.

My study abroad program consists of only American students, making it difficult to make French friends. However, there are one or two students in each of my classes who are French students who go to a French university and are taking one class at CEA. 829 more words

Travel Logs

Episode 4: Do or do not, there is no try!


Featured Song: The Ballad of Mr. Steak by Kishi Bashi

Guy gives an emotional speech. Bruce Jenner becomes a woman. Lucid dreaming, and RadioShack’s demise.

Strangers and Conversations

You know what I love? Well, it’s a fairly long list but steaming hot chai and endless conversations just about top it. By conversations, I don’t imply meaningless chatter or gossip (though I can’t really say I hate those either). 526 more words

"Mystic Translation"

Biological explosion, like dynamite lit, into
created form: dust to dust or consciousness fashioned?
those who ponder on the notions of life: romanticism, nature,
reason, more than merely organisms roaming the globe; 80 more words


For the Dreamers and the Wide Awake

I gave this drowsy pair of eyes a gentle rub from my fingers, while the heat from the sunrays marinades my skin from its sweat.  I noticed that my complexion is browner than ever.   443 more words