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Airplane Conversations

Today I left Raleigh, headed for Nashville, for a few days at home before the upcoming shutdown at our plant. I almost missed my flight actually, because the watch I was wearing was set to the wrong time zone. 856 more words



Conversations with family and friends is something I enjoy more than just about anything. I had two good meetings with friends today. I even had a good lunch time at McDonalds with the little girl I nanny. 56 more words


Back to the Basics.

Earlier today I was sitting in Starbucks contemplating whether or not I should take a stroll to the Andy Warhol Museum when I started reminiscing about that feeling you get when you first start talking to someone. 281 more words


Back To School

So tonight didn’t quite go as expected.

I was going to name this post “awkward” but then I thought no, the only awkward thing was another persons complete lack of understanding for social dynamics. 187 more words




This whole week I didn’t speak to you, and I can only see two parts of your social media! Twitter and Instagram. You kept sending me signs… Some bad, some good. 458 more words


Invisible Disease: My Life With Sickle Cell Anemia

“How do you get it?”  is the question I get the most after telling someone that I have Sickle Cell Anemia.  I can’t help but think that they want an answer immediately to ensure that they’re standing at a safe distance and haven’t contracted the disease.  1,184 more words