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Light and empty.

I wasn’t listening,

but that was no new thing.

It might have been years since I listened,

and then months

since I listened without judgement… 105 more words


Neurotic Neurologist

Ever message someone online and think the person is quite the ideal match? That was my exact thought when the Neurologist and I began communicating on Match.com. 474 more words

Group talk

Sometimes if I’m in a group and someone else makes a statement or asks a question, the responder will direct their answer to me, as in looking right at my face and… 183 more words


A day in the life of...

So. A new blog and i am excited. I have had other blogs that i thought should only talk about one subject. One part of my interests and views but I have come to realise that i would rather talk about all the things i am interested together in one blog. 152 more words


So, How are You?

How many of us, when we’re greeted with, “Hi how are you?”… feel the need to simply say, “Fine thanks!”

For me it’s a split second decision I make. 218 more words


Are you listening or just waiting to talk?!

Dialogue: (verb) take part in a conversation or discussion to resolve a problem.

There is a great divide.  It is People.  Open discussions with people involving hearing AND listening used to be part of my everyday life.  1,011 more words


Love Mush

Love Mush

The trouble with today, people don’t Love with Eternity in mind, nah, today they are more in Love with today and materialistic notions in mind; don’t believe that, take a look at the many broken homes and the divorce count. 1,203 more words