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Woman Gets C-Section, Doctors Replace The Baby With A Sponge

It looks like Doctors at the Prentice Women’s Hospital in Chicago are going to have a lot of explaining to do with Rachel Erceg, a new-mother to a lovely baby.   118 more words


John 18: What Is Truth?

In John 19, Jesus is brought for trial, and at the end of the chapter He is brought before Pontius Pilate as the acting Roman governor at the time. 284 more words


The Death Penalty: Talking About the Bali 9

It’s common knowledge now that the Bali 9 were executed. It’s floating around in the news everywhere. What fails to surprise me is the fact that opinions are beginning to surface; specifically, those condoning capital punishment. 257 more words

Bali 9

Bill Cosby interrupted twice during last live show of tour

ATLANTA — “It beats me how you treat — the way you treat women!” a woman shouted at Bill Cosby 40 minutes into his performance in Atlanta on Saturday. 747 more words


Whiskey the devils brew???

I changed my opinion and outlook on different subjects throughout my life and I would not necessarily call it “flip flopping”. A change of mind comes with knowledge and education or just simply, because we grow older and that’s a good thing. 595 more words

Stop Smoking

It's The Michael Coren Show, 24/7

“[T]he right to criticize other people’s religions or systems of belief is a two way street. He is certainly entitled to criticize mine; but I am equally entitled to criticize his. 1,598 more words


Scientists Expose A 30 Year Government Vaccination Cover-up .

Research by the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Department of Ophthalmology, Visual Sciences, Experimental Medicine and Neuroscience has exposed 30 years of corruption and lies concerning government vaccination policy. 389 more words