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Standing up for life.

Last night while reading some articles on Facebook and all of the articles are on prolife issues. I am connected with a group I Am Pro-life… 165 more words


The so called tolerants view on freedom of speech.

We all have that one friend who claims to be the most accepting and tolerant person in the world. It doesn’t matter what colour your skin is, what sexual orientation you are, what religion you are, what country you live in, if you are on benefits or an illegal immigrant, they will support you and your rights to the bitter end. 365 more words


Unauthorized Power Rangers Fan Film Causing Ruckus

Yes, you read that right: the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers rise from the dead in this unauthorized fan film starring Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) and… 258 more words



Is there such a thing? It appears not in this day and age. It’s as if the line that was once taboo if crossed, is so far behind us it’s now a mere hazy dot (kudos if you picked up on that… 449 more words


what color is this stress?

FYI – in case you have been living under a rock, are currently traversing through no-wifi zones of the Amazon, or gave up social media for Lent – the past 20 hours in internet world have been consumed by one thing and one thing only: … 633 more words

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When Life Gives You Lemons! Write a Book!

I wish! I have absolutely no ability to write a book, and it is an absolutely terrifying thought. My ability to focus is %200 when I am promoting someone else, and %100 percent when I write an article. 95 more words

Writing Adventures

Dropped 'Power Rangers' Fan Video Still Up On Facebook

A Power/Rangers fan video has been yanked from YouTube and Vimeo in light of copyright-infringement concerns, but it can still be seen on Facebook. “Thank you Mark Zuckerberg for hosting Power/Rangers and taking a stand,” the film’s producer, Adi Shankar said in a note to the Facebook CEO. 532 more words