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Few words can bring about anxiety, fear and over all panic like the world ‘change’. We, as a population, do not like change. It’s a proven fact. 436 more words

New World Order: Infowars Details Hostile Texas Exercise, Jade Helm 15

At about six minutes in, the subject switches over to propaganda techniques being used on American citizens.

Title: SOCOM Plans to Invade HOSTILE Texas Revealed ( 8 more words


New World Order: Infowars Strikes Back On Media Lies, Jade Helm 15

From the Youtube description: Retired Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs breaks down the current crop of talking points and outright lies by the Pentagon and Main Stream Media as they attempt to discredit and smear infowars.com. 54 more words


World War III: Russia Combat Troops On Alert, 80,000 Troop Exercise

Video first posted on 3/20/15.

Now, the Zionist bankers and the NATO countries have pushed Russia into a corner in Ukraine, along the Baltic States, and through the sanctions that are collapsing the entire world economy. 79 more words


World War III: Army Special Command Confirms Jade Helm 15, 3/21/15

The italicized sections are excerpts from the article on Stripes:

WASHINGTON — U.S. Army Special Operations Command is pushing back against alarmist claims that an upcoming U.S. 393 more words


World War III: If US Arms Ukraine, Russia Arms Mexico + US Martial Law

Link to Freedom Fighter’s article.

So, the Jade Helm 15 military exercise now stretches from the California on the West Coast to Florida on the East Coast. 77 more words


2 Steps To Control Chinch Bugs Florida

2 Steps To Control Chinch Bugs Florida 2 Steps To Control Chinch Bugs Florida first is to correctly identify you have chinch bugs and second is to select the right insecticide to control it. 16 more words