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When life runs away with you

Some time late last year I read an old blog post by the wonderful Erin Loechner (Founder of Clementine Daily and Design for Mankind) from 2012 about “ 948 more words


Depression Creep.

How dare you
Invade my precious dream space
Where I am hero, adventurer, and creator
Where my music comes to life
Where I am a bicycle acrobat… 167 more words


Fear to Faith

I had come to believe that being afraid was futile. Fear would paralyze me, and stop me from making a move. I did not like to freeze, so I started to ignore the fear. 329 more words


The White Board

You know those white boards you see everywhere now? The ones with the dry erase markers that people sometimes goof up by writing on with permanent markers? 490 more words


Irony of seeking power

We all behave as if we can control most of the things in this world. We can control land, criminals, men, women, children, animals etc. We can even control Gods by bribing them. 312 more words

My Folly of a Following

I put my heart for safety
In a locked deposit box
To seal it with the secret
Only numbers I could ever know
Then growth and shape… 102 more words


Chastity Update 4/25/2015

Over 2 days and 10 hrs have i been now once again locked. Though I will admit this time i have been sorely tempted to try an orgasm. 501 more words