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There is this little thing, in the Catholic Church. A rule not sanctioned by God nor Jesus, but man. A law that allows one to be vanished and another to be recognized. 1,322 more words


“Rian, you CAN NOT change him. Imagine for a minute, that you have a hula hoop around you. The ONLY thing in life you have control over is what’s inside that space…. 490 more words


You're Not the Boss of Me! Why Libertarianism Is a Childish Sham | Alternet

Wiping away the horizon of significance one tantrum at a time…

Libertarians believe they are real rebels, because they’ve politicized the protest of children who scream through tears, “You’re not the boss of me.” The rejection of all rules and regulations, and the belief that everyone should have the ability to do whatever they want, is not rebellion or dissent.

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Ways to Permanently Have Total Control Over Your Weight Loss

The very best methods to Permanently Have Total Control Over Your Weight Loss Initial Blog Post Here: http://forkyourwaytoweightloss.com/ways-to-permanently-have-total-control-over-your-weight-loss Slimming down can be standard for some yet incredibly challenging for others. 131 more words

Facing It Head On

Fear.  People fear many things.  Bugs, mice, cats, dogs, heights, cars, airplanes, trains, streets, going outside and I won’t even think about the person who’s afraid of garlic.  764 more words

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Fear is absent of God

300 times or more, the Bible tells us to “Fear not”.  And yet most aren’t shy at admitting their fears: death, global warming, cancer, AIDS, growing old, etc. 837 more words

In Him