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X22 Report: US Economy Worse Than Originally Thought, Crisis Looms

From the Youtube description: Probability of a Greece default now at 70%. Initial jobless claims tick up. Global youth unemployment skyrockets. Consumer confidence crashes. US exports plunge. 88 more words


New World Order: 10,000 Sites Block Congress, To Stop Patriot Act

Read the full article on The Guardian:

More than 10,000 websites blocked users from computers in Congress on Friday, in a demonstration against any possible re-authorization of NSA surveillance powers. 149 more words


New World Order: Springdale, Ohio Walmart – Dahboo's Drone Footage

See my previous post New World Order: Springdale, Ohio Walmart – Barbed Wire On Roof.

Title: Exclusive Drone Footage of Abandoned Cincinnati Walmart with Razor Wire Roof (YT link) Uploaded by Dahboo7.


New World Order: Springdale, Ohio Walmart - Barbed Wire On Roof

Economic collapse, bank holidays, food and water shortages, some sort of Extinction Level Event or large-scale massacre to declare martial law, and here comes the New World Order, through Walmart, to the rescue. 70 more words


Truthstream News: The Future Feeds Off Of Your Guilt And Ignorance

From the Youtube description: It seems the fascist oligarchy have used every deception to seize power at every source, but we haven’t lost our sense of humor about it. 34 more words


Alternate Timelines: Connecting The BerenstEin Bears To Planet Saturn

Okay, here is where I’m at, after doing a massive amount of research. Pick a topic, from Mandela Effect, to CERN, Saturn, Consciousness, whatever. There are too many posts I could list, so here’s just the most recent three on Alternate Timelines: 808 more words


Hitch hiking

I lay and wonder what kind of life I shall live.
I have never dwelled on the fact that I’m in control of my life and that I can go in whatever direction I please. 307 more words