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Let Peace Rule

I have a confession to make. I am an incredibly anxious person. A “control freak”. Or whatever other nasty name you wanna call it. Situations beyond my control nearly put me over the edge. 478 more words

I'm Living With A Control Freak

HELP, I’m living with a control freak.

When my sister and I moved out, I thought life would be easier now that our dad is no longer with us to gnaw on our self-esteem. 224 more words



Hi y’all!

I just watched a “What do I fear?” video made by an amazing and really talented youtuber Jack Harris,  his channel his called Jacksgap. 172 more words

An E-mail I'll Never Send

Dear J.,

Darling, I know you have fabricated an idealized external projection of your demented ego. You are the epitome of “class” in your opinion, there’s no doubt about that. 365 more words

Angry Email

Asking For Help - Why Do I Find It So Hard?

I really don’t make things easy for myself. Not only do I take on far too much (starting a new business whilst planning a wedding and planning a 3 months travelling excursion as our honeymoon – all in 6 months) I then don’t ask for help! 215 more words

30 day Journey to Peace and Submission- Day 4. LET IT GO

In addition to praying for someone or someone'(s), Pray for a situation in your life which you have been trying to control or manipulate. This might take some digging. 123 more words

Be the Light

When bad things happen in our lives it’s easy to get down. It’s even easier to focus on the negative and continue down the rabbit hole. 255 more words