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The 141st Step

Hey guys, life will get very real for me in this and the next view weeks.

I have to work 2 days a week, take 2 exams and present our software project with my team, while the heat of the summer gets unbearable. 136 more words


ETC | Freedom

TheLondonLadybird, July 2015, Link

When I was young I was free.

Of course, we all were. We didn’t have jobs, rental agreements or hangovers, we were just existing in a wonderful state of sometimes-euphoric mostly-moody teen angst, where the only thing greater than our lack of responsibility was our cereal intake. 772 more words


FILM | Project X: Why Advertising Your Party On Facebook Is A Great Idea

Hi! Magazine, February 2012, Link

Do you remember The Hangover? That little comedy film that ended up making almost $500 million worldwide and smashed three unknown actors into the world of A List super stardom? 633 more words


FASHION | LFW: Street Style

C-Heads, February 2012, Link

London Fashion Week is a time when the fashionistas of the world go absolutely insane. Everybody is rushing around trying to get a good seat at the best shows and passes to see the most sought after new collections by the most talked about designers. 703 more words


EVENTS | The Art of Front Launch Party

BringTheNoiseUK, February 2012, Link

Front magazine and the Keep A Breast foundation have teamed up, with a little help from Vans, to create a fundraising extravaganza all in the name of supporting women with breast cancer. 442 more words