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"We cannot..."

“We cannot act or be still. This is where many people stand and their suffering is intense. If we begin to do this, we are guilt-stricken by that – and we are caught in the endless suffering from which there is no escape. 44 more words


Capitalism Over Cupcakes

Capitalism Over Cupcakes
by Kristin Richardson Jordan

we used to be revolutionaries together and debate capitalism over cupcakes
in the school cafeteria, with sad sighs at the contradictions… 83 more words



Surah An-Nisa, Verse 82:

أَفَلَا يَتَدَبَّرُونَ الْقُرْآنَ وَلَوْ كَانَ مِنْ عِندِ غَيْرِ اللَّهِ لَوَجَدُوا فِيهِ اخْتِلَافًا كَثِيرًا

Do they not then consider the Quran carefully? Had it been from other than Allah, they would surely have found therein much contradictions.

Conflicted and Contradictory

It been so long since I had anything to say. Alas were it only so. Last few weeks have been a turbulent time for me. Today, that is what I wanted to talk about. 224 more words


Contraries coincide.

One current in the Sea of Contradiction inevitably flows into its opposite.

"Contradiction brings..."

“Contradiction brings the crushing burden of meaninglessness. One can endure any suffering if it has meaning; but meaninglessness is unbearable. Contradiction is barren and destructive, yet paradox is creative. 27 more words


Mexican scent

I resurface from the underground and run eager to leave the stagnant air of the subway behind me. I forgot how toxic the first inhale of Mexico City’s outside is. 70 more words