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I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste.
Marcel Duchamp



Hello all!

This time I’ll be talking about the postponed post; the one on paradoxes. As I briefly explained last time, and as simply as I can put it, paradoxes are situations where there can be no outcome because there are contradictions. 782 more words


What Do You Reach For When You Have No Dreams?

This is not a post for someone who is looking for answers. This is not for a student looking for something or someone to help them, or a mid career worker who is having a crisis and is looking for what they really want. 327 more words

Life Updates

circular thoughts.

So So So many thoughts running circles in my head…
It is all at odds and there is no evens….
I’m afraid I’ll start typing and I’ll never stop. 274 more words


Let go of the language barrier

Language and accents. Two things that we all use. Yet one thing that has always confused me is the media’s (largely the film and television industries’) approach to accents and foreign languages. 591 more words


A love poem a day keeps you sane

Last night I found my limbs lying in a snowbank.
Fingers and toes, unshaved legs poking out.
I didn’t bother to pick them up, instead they smiled back at me. 109 more words

A meditation on Death

Every town dweller maintains an oasis. A patch of grass, green plants; a garden. This is an unconscious ritual of hope. There is a desert a few hundred kilometres away to the East. 1,006 more words