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Innovation and the role of commercial management

In a fast-changing world, new ideas abound. Many will go nowhere. Others will be a raging success. What sets them apart?

Some ideas are simply not good. 408 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

A need for self-surgery

25 years ago, management guru Gary Hamel was telling CEOs about the need for self-surgery. Facing the chill winds of globalization, he explained their need to urgently reassess many of the structures and policies that had come with their former greatness. 495 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

The disappearing world of Procurement

Too many procurement groups are on a path to nowhere. They are missing the golden opportunities being created by today’s dynamic markets.

That is the conclusion I have to draw from the many conversations I have with practitioners, consultants, executive search firms and business executives. 519 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

A challenge for skills

When they respond to IACCM’s talent surveys, 80% of contract and procurement professionals say they are confident that they understand the skills needed for the future. 256 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Risk management: time for a re-think

Over-hyped, inward-looking, of no practical use or value. That’s the conclusion any rational leader would reach in an objective analysis of the sprawling risk-management industry. 110 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Commercial power: who will own the interface?

Traditional sources of business value are under sustained attack, with current models often protected only by a flimsy regulatory environment.

As supply chains transform, commercial power and influence is shifting dramatically within industries, between industries and in many cases to start-ups with virtually no assets. 217 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Does a Contract Management function deliver much value?

Even as senior executives are embracing the importance of contract management competence, they are at the same time questioning the value of their contract management resources. 751 more words

Contract / Commercial Management