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How to Increase Your Creative Productivity

In the age of information, anything and everything is easily accessible at any time, anywhere. The proliferation of words, images, videos, and unforgiving content, has made it too easy for us to get our “fix” or whatever we need at a moment’s notice. 756 more words


Having a Strategy for Content Roll-Out is Very Important for Reaching Your Goals

Following up on my last post about the buzz in the office these days, two more teaser videos have been released about Edmonton’s public transportation system ( 370 more words

Social Media Marketing

Who's the broadcaster now?

Picture this.

You’re at a fight. Ring side seats. You paid a lot of money. Nothing will ruin your mood.

Until you see people filming the fight via their smartphones. 335 more words

Social TV

Happy 35th Birthday to Pac-Man!

Today marks the 35th anniversary of Namco’s classic arcade hit, Pac-Man. Released in 1980, Pac-Man (named Puck-Man in Japan) is a circular-shaped yellow character who maneuvers through mazes munches on dots while ghosts patrol in hopes to stop him. 596 more words


Slowing down outside the comfort zone

Sometimes an opportunity comes your way that from first glance, appears to be a forced hand. You feel as if you have no other option but to take it; staying in the current situation would be far worse in the long run. 282 more words

Life Journey

Helpful Content Marketing Tips to Overcome Today’s Biggest Challenges

“When you read content marketing news today, you’ll frequently find strategies, tips, and challenges faced by business owners and marketing professionals alike. Contrary to what you might be thinking, the news doesn’t report challenges to discourage you but to help you succeed. 91 more words

Netflix wants to wish you a very (Bill) Murray Christmas

Bill Murray is coming to Netflix.

Well, the beloved comedian is already on Netflix (some of his movies, including the classic Groundhog Day, are already on there) but Murray is poised to appear in an exclusive Christmas special for the streaming video service. 183 more words