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Contemplating the Rising Sun

Gentle sun-caress on Autumn-cooled skin,

Heart opening to embrace the dawn:

I am renewed.


Passes All Understanding

“I have become sure that if all I know about God is that my God is the fullness of life and the consummation of hope, the light on the way and the light at the end, then I will live my life in the consciousness of God and goodness everywhere, obscure at times, perhaps, but never wholly lacking.” – Joan Chittister… 111 more words


Speak From Your Art

Listen deeply to the stirrings of your art

What is it saying to you?

How would you like it to present itself to the world? 137 more words


Point of the Compass

Its a Tuesday night, two days down-but three to go. Its been a rough week, where I have felt like a bobber cast adrift in the current. 364 more words


Routine Parenting

Most if not all of us need some routine in our lives to feel “normal” or safe. The need for predictability is, by and large, a human trait; it allows us to function within our own little set perimeters, to feel secure, to know what’s coming (at least, partially). 456 more words



That day, our hearts were full – wrapping the fresh sourdough in cloth, digging out our camp mugs, divvying up the oatmeal, lacing up our hiking boots and gassing up the Subaru. 539 more words


Powerful Formula

Humility and self-awareness
mixed with God’s unfailing
love and mercy
adds up to a powerful formula
for healing and transformation.

© 2015 Dennis Ference