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The Thoughts Behinds Gifts

I don’t know about you guys, but for me I think gifts is all about the thought. You could get someone a shitty, fake ring from off the streets and it could mean a lot to the receiving person for thought reasons (like it means something to them or so). 822 more words

Learning to Paint

Last month I composed a post about how words should live as just that — words. How they shouldn’t be over analysed or twisted into interpretations the author has no intention of solidifying; how they should remain beautiful on the outer layer but consist of no sincere intensity after that. 461 more words


Love, Decisions, Life...

Love, Decisions, Life, Thinking, can’t sleep… rambling~

Sometimes, after we lose certain people in our lives, they take a part of us with them that will never again be found.  498 more words

Living away

Questions I hear most when I tell people that I’ve moved abroad for two years are mostly about the aftermath. Questions like “how do you like Curaçao?, do you want to go back to Holland?, did you make lots of new friends?, do 443 more words


Contemplating A Home Based Business? We Can Help

Can you recall when you initially launched your home-based business? You probably soaked up as much relevant information as you could. Times are constantly changing, though, so you always need to stay current. 142 more words

"The Mountains of Men"

Look! At the highest peak,

and think.

That once man could not conquer all.

When life was just a glimpse,

and no man saw that peak. 51 more words


Sunday Musings

Another day has dawned here in sunny southern Florida.  My weekend alarm clock consists of demanding meows and wet dog kisses pleading for their morning grub.   171 more words

The Journey