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What I learned this weekend about having two dogs

Hello! Happy Monday!

So the highlight of my weekend was having a chance to dog-sit for a couple of friends for a night. Sharky is pretty much Osa’s equal in every way. 449 more words


Restless & Tired

Why are some people so content living arduous, repetitive lives? Why do people settle for jobs they don’t like in places they don’t want to live? 499 more words


Self Care, Why Is It So Hard

So I noticed this morning contemplating on skipping a book club thing this Wednesday mainly because I have only read about half of the book. I skipped last months but that s because I didn t read any of the book. 76 more words

Contemplating Medication, But...

Does anyone know whether a medication for anxiety and/or insomnia exists that is not habit-forming and doesn t cause a dry mouth? I ve been toughing it out for a long time now, but for a couple months I am going to be in a school/community project thing four days a week. 51 more words

Personal Criticism

Are you used to personal criticism? Hell, I’m not.
Today I was in English and I was having one of my weekly spelling tests, and let me clarify one thing, although it’ll most likely become evident as I progress through this blog (if it’s not already) – I can’t spell. 528 more words

Get In Touch

Erin's First Post-High School Book Report and Hey March is Women's History Month

We should all be feminists.

That’s what I came away with to after reading this essay by Chimmamanda Ngozi Adichie. Although I’ll admit, I held this belief long before opening these pages. 412 more words