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Happy Endings

I’m sincerely apologetic that I didn’t post this on Thursday, I’ve just been completely exhausted recently. I’ll be back to normal from this point forward though, I promise. 509 more words

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Late Night Thoughts

One moment you’re feeling happy and the next you’re feeling down. Contemplating the decisions you have made in life, wondering what’s next. Life is all about changes. 82 more words


Can't Get Basic Things Done

Has anyone overcome this? And if so, how? (BTW cptsd here and still contemplating will I ever feasibly be able to return to the work world.) I want to clean my room but my brain can t focus organize long enough to even tackle a corner. 62 more words

What if I can't make it?

Can I tell all of you (whom there might only be one, in that case, just you) a secret?
Well I’m going to anyway, so it’d be advisory for those who don’t want to listen, to skip ahead. 679 more words

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Post Three - The rise and the fall... and then the rise (again).

What I love about my relationship with him is that no matter how many times we fall, we manage to pick everything back up again. Each time it happens, it causes more and more damage to our relationship, but every time we fix things, we are able to overcome even more. 213 more words