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The End of Community

Nikon D800, Nikkor 24mm, f4, 1/100s, ISO250

Shiny bright malls are the contemporary marketplace shadowed by supermarkets with robotic tellers – is human interaction becoming less important for the seller or the buyer?


Trashing Our Globe

As soon as a piece of garbage hits the bottom of the bin do you ever think about it again? Most people do not give their trash a second thought once it enters the waste category, although this may soon change. 351 more words

Economy Update #4: Is the UK becoming the new Japan?

Inflation in the UK has been falling for some time now and it’s finally reached 0%, meaning prices generally haven’t changed since last month. Of course this is untrue and it’s mainly the falling prices in oil and food that have caused this, but the stats don’t lie. 822 more words


Power, Affiliation and Achievement: The Trio of Needs.

This week we briefly explored the trio of needs. That is the need for power, the need for affiliation and the need for achievement. I began really thinking about how in promotions these 3 things are portrayed and if it actually does work. 524 more words


Goodreads review: Jack Maggs

Jack Maggs by Peter Carey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Peter Carey became one of my favourite authors from my HSC study of Oscar and Lucinda. 555 more words


New publication warns of rising use of antibiotics and other antimicrobial drugs in farm animals

Antimicrobial consumption in chickens (A) & pigs (B) in 2010. Figure from PNAS paper: Global trends in antimicrobial use in food animals, published 20 Mar 2015 by Thomas Van Boeckel, Tim Robinson and others. 1,802 more words