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Pot Holes in Roads cost a Fortune

Potholes in our roads are becoming increasingly problematic following the extreme weather of the last few winters.

Large amounts of money have been spent on the country’s roads but this does not seem to be able to keep up with the damage being caused. 216 more words

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Heavy fines for carrying illegal stow-aways

Immigration is never far from the headlines in the build up to the General Election.

We are frequently shown the images of those would-be immigrants camped out in France trying to sneak into the UK either in, on, and sometimes underneath, a lorry. 123 more words


Your Voting Choice - Explained

It can’t be explained more simply than this.  We either elect CONSTITUTIONAL conservatives to pull us out of our crash dive, commit slow suicide by electing more RINOs, or kill ourselves quickly by electing democrats.


Clinton Says She Supports Amendment To Get Money Out Of Politics

NPR claims that Hillary Clinton has said she supports the idea of a constitutional amendment to restrict or eliminate big money in politics.  But will she “walk the walk?” 99 more words


How many Diplomats does it take to change a light bulb ????

When the Foreign & Commonwealth Office recently had to respond to a FOI* request asking how many Diplomats (and their dependants), there were currently in the UK from a specific list of chosen countries, the answer was somewhat surprising. 68 more words

Miscellany & Anecdotes

Action finally being taken against 'Legal Highs'

There has been much coverage in the media recently about the harm that, so-called ‘Legal Highs’ have been doing within our communities.  With certain areas having large groups of users causing public disorder in their Town Centres. 195 more words


Please sign our Petition... the Digital Way

The e-petitions site was created as a result of the UK Public feeling their voice wasn’t being listened to and they were not being given their chance to express their views on certain issues.  580 more words

Miscellany & Anecdotes