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Ferguson Part One: Justice Department Finds FPD Practices Racially Biased AND Unconstitutional

To everyone who said Ferguson wasn’t about race, the Justice Department begs to differ. Yesterday, the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division just released their investigation into the Ferguson Police Department–and it is worse than we imagined. 2,001 more words

Social Equality

Looking Under the Rock of No-Knock

I did a blog article about how obama (and others) want a national police force (for control). I think I understand now the how and why of all of the no-knock raids. 313 more words



AMY GOODMAN: The U.S. Justice Department has concluded that the police and city courts in Ferguson, Missouri, routinely engaged in a pattern and practice of discrimination against African Americans. 2,202 more words

I'm looking for a co-plaintiff

In this case to pay filing fees, which means you get first billing etc etc etc.

What I care about at this point is the constitutional issue at stake and more importantly after all the harassment, discrimination, ostracism, blacklisting, blackballing, and everything else I have suffered and unfairly then yes this has to be filed: 1,167 more words

Constitutional Rights

Justice Department Finds Racial Bias in Ferguson Police

Time: 10:01 p.m. CEST

The Washington Post writes, the Justice Department “will issue finding this week that accuse the police department in Ferguson, Missouri,” of racial bias and routinely violating the constitutional rights of citizens. 121 more words


A message to the victim - Please do the right thing

Dear J.S.

I am very sorry for the ordeal that happened to you in April 2011. A robbery attempt is a very scary thing. I am glad that you were not harmed. 527 more words