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The Flag Debate: Why We Need It

Special Edition #1

By Joshua Hitchcock

Originally posted on Ka Tonuitanga (4 November 2014).

Contrary to the opinion of many that I have seen over the past week the debate over our national flag is a serious issue and one that I am glad we are having. 530 more words


Constitutional Reform: The Only Way Forward

The Dayton constitution makes Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) difficult if not impossible to govern without international monitoring; it excessively privileges ethnicity over citizenship which promotes ethnicism (a form of ethnic racism); and it propagates a political culture that reinforces these civic injustices. 403 more words

Bosnia And Herzegovina

Unite or die: States rights movement gaining ground.

Unite or Die: States’ Rights Movement Gaining Ground
July 6, 2015 By Colleen Conley

There are stirrings of a “new” old movement afoot. IT’S ABOUT TIME. 635 more words


Freedom is Pricey

The cost of freedom is pricey. Consider the 6603 American lives lost on D-Day. So many lives were lost to establish a beachhead to enable a final push into Nazi Germany.  470 more words

The High Cost of Same Sex Marriage

As I start this off, I know that most will have a natural tendency to want to jump to defensive positions and in doing so, will miss the point of what I am about to say. 538 more words



Australia does not need three levels of government. Nor does it need as many parliamentarians and public servants as we now have. 464 more words