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Senate Republicans vote to give Barack Obama fast-track authority on the TPP

 The Republicans have been attacking Barack Obama for quite some time now as being an out of control, lawless, usurping President who cares not for the Constitution and the separation of powers contained within. 318 more words


The FBI admits the PATRIOT Act has not thwarted any terrorist attacks

  The Congress is set to begin debating the re-authorization of the PATRIOT Act in the near future and of course proponents of the legislation are not only telling us the PATRIOT Act must me renewed but some are also seeking to make the NSA data-mining program legal after it was recently… 461 more words


Thai junta detains opposition activists on coup anniversary

BANGKOK (REUTERS) – Thai authorities detained 20 student activists protesting against military rule on Friday, a year after the army seized power from an elected government. 278 more words

Another Second Amendment victory in Washington DC

 Ever since the District of Columbia v Heller decision which ruled that Washington DC’s handgun ban was unconstitutional Washington DC has been trying to pass gun control legislation which would basically render the decision null and void by making it nearly impossible for law-abiding citizens to attain concealed carry permits. 475 more words


Rand Paul begins filibustering the PATRIOT Act...sort of

 With the possible exception of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul might be the only candidate on either side of the aisle who really opposes the PATRIOT Act in general but more specifically the NSA spying program. 360 more words


Racist Democrats target online ammo sales

  House Democrats are set to introduce a bill which would crack down on online ammo purchases. Under this proposal a person could still buy ammunition online but before the ammunition is shipped to the purchaser that person would have to go to a gun shop and present a photo ID proving he or she is who they claim to be. 361 more words