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Cinema: Decline of an Empire (2014)

Finding a film about ancient Rome is never hard. Finding a film about anything Byzantine is quite the opposite. Consequently, when one does unearth a film about something byzantine with it feels necessary to watch it. 1,129 more words

Meet Ian Ross

When I was at school we learned about the Roman invasion of Britain in AD43 and Boadicea’s revolt in AD60 and then we drew pictures of villas and hypocausts until we came to the Roman withdrawal in 410.   166 more words

1-26-2015 Bible Study – The Ekklesia; Past, Present, and Future Study 14

1-26-2015 Ekklesia Study 14 – worksheet

1-26-2015 The Ekklesia Study 14 audio

Continuation of the 10 symbolic illustrations of the Ekklesia

Heir and his joint heirs – Romans 8:17 – Christians have an inheritance waiting for us.  233 more words

Bible Study