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The Three Laws of Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility with the Xbox One

I triple-dog dare ya to refute them!

First Law: Xbox 360’s backwards compatibility with the Xbox One is good for gamers.

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it: if you own a 360 games library and either have an XB1 or are considering getting one, being able to play your old games on your current-generation machine can only be a positive.   381 more words


Sony's new PS4 model is quieter, lighter and more efficient

Model CUH-1200 was reported by us awhile ago and now we can confirm that the console is going to be much quieter, lighter and much more efficient then previous models. 269 more words


Coveting Thy Neighbour's Game

If you stick with video games long enough, sooner or later the biggest console on the market is going to have something that looks immensely appealing to you. 479 more words