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In my first hour of playing “Evolve” I knew from the beginning it was going to be a different gaming experience. The whole idea of four players vs one sounded great in theory and I’m here to tell you that it works! 487 more words


How Technology has hindered the growth of quality gaming

Every few months there is some new technology, new device, or new console released that on the surface should help improve gaming experiences and creativity, but often fails to do so. 670 more words


What is Valve up to: Half-life 3, The Orange Box 2, or nothing at all

Valve – the publishing and development house behind the seminal Half-Life, Team Fortress, Portal, Counterstrike, and Left 4 Dead series’ – is largely seen as a PC-centric company. 280 more words

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Top 10 Digital Downloads. A Few of These Might Surprise You!

It should be a surprise to no one that the digital gaming market is huge. Companies like Nintendo seem to always lack in supplying physical copies of games, so a lot of consumers turn to digital downloads. 243 more words

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Relics of bygone eras

I was cleaning out my garage and found these artifacts….

These brave warriors from my past.  We’ve lost a few good men along the way.  The Sega Master system and 102 games my father sold for $45 at a garage sale, the Sega Genesis, which is still buried somewhere in garage, lost forever, and my PS2 which tragically took its own life, and launched itself from a box during a move into a new apartment some years back. 77 more words


Should I buy a PS4?

I’ve had the question come up in my own mind a few times whether I should buy a Playstation 4.  It’s the next-gen version of the console I prefer, Playstation 3. 69 more words


Nielsen Study Shows Wii U Owners Bought The Console For The Fun-Factor

A recent survey conducted by Nielsen takes a look at the reasoning behind peoples buying habits for the current generation of consoles. Those studied say that they purchased the PlayStation 4 for the higher resolution of games, while those who purchased an Xbox One bought it because they love the Xbox brand. 49 more words

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