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*May 27th 2015: Thought of the Day

So obviously you should be able to figure out that I did not post a thought of the day yesterday; however, I am using this post as the de-facto thought of the day for May 27th. 317 more words

Thought Of The Day

Long Distance Relationships?

Hi guys!

I’ve been pretty busy these last few weeks, visited Thailand and I had the most AMAZING time…it still feels like it was a dream! 91 more words

Captain’s log: About love, take 2!

 “There was love in your relationship with R.”

“Yeah, no. She loved the idea she had of me. Our relationship was flawed at the very core. 575 more words

Captain's Log

T-95 Burn the Fat Summer Challenge

T-95 5/28/2015 AM: And just like that we are at T-95 before the deadline.

Questions I must answer:

What did you do yesterday to get you closer to your goal? 169 more words

Being Consistent In Your Wellness Practices

I pride myself on making healthier choices, finding natural alternatives and maintaining fruitful activeness but the truth is that is not always the case.

Like many others, I find myself being inconsistent in my health journey. 510 more words


Week 10: Consistency Q1 ( Consistency is Important in Design).

In Week 10, Students read an article by Lidwell, Holden & Butler (2003) about the design principle consistency.

In this article, Lidwell, Holden & Butler (2003) asserted consistency is essential for design as it enhances  recognition, identity, communication and sets emotional expectations. 779 more words



Consistency is a principle of design that expresses the idea that if one system works a certain way then the rest of the elements connected should do the same, as expressed by Spool, “Consistency in design is about making elements uniform — having them look and behave the same way” (2005). 360 more words