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How To Stay Motivated During Your Come Up

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Life Lessons

The Power of the Word "OR"

Parents have a powerful tool in their arsenal for teaching their children to make choices and develop independence. The trick is simply to consciously use the word “OR” in conversations with children. 805 more words


How to stay happy in 5 easy steps

This is the second post of the ‘Happiness’ series posts that I am writing this month. I have always believed that happiness is a state of mind. 838 more words

Views, Opinions And More

Consistency is key

Fresh from a year long hibernation I have returned!

Humble enough to know I am a novice but smart enough to know I have a gift, I, ‘The Rookie’ intend to harness my skill set on this ever-expanding canvas of a website. 91 more words


BIG NEWS: CIZE is almost here!!

I recently got to try out Shaun T’s latest dance fitness program and…it is AWESOME!! The kids wanted to do something fun as a family and given several options, they wanted to dance. 401 more words


PR is a Journey

 I begin to panic because I start telling myself, ‘You’ve never done this.’

There are many nights when lay awake thinking about my next move, or how my future logo will look and new people to add to my ‘red book.’ …

320 more words
PR 101

A Grand Experience Pt 2

Kolt and Dandy (my sons) and I were hiking the Grand Canyon. We successfully made it to the bottom. We had our break. We rested in the Colorado River. 292 more words