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The General Election versus Game of Thrones... mourning strategies and why do we care?

It’s probably too late to write this post. It all happened more than 3 weeks ago, and we are probably over the mourning phase already. Well, I am. 755 more words

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Christies

Republican governor of New Jersey and inexplicable presidential candidate Chris Christie on the land of opportunity (boldface mine):

We are who we are because the oppressed faced the unknown and came here to start a new life.

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Whence the Tea Party?

In a book review in this Sunday’s N.Y. Times, George Packer made the following comment:

The revolution didn’t come — it never does in America, not since the first one, no matter how bad things get. 420 more words


Fixed-date election comes with concerns, observers say

OTTAWA – The first fixed-date election in Canadian history is just around the corner, but some observers are raising concerns about overspending because of a law they say is flawed. 507 more words


#ToriesforCorbyn Might Accidentally Bring Socialism to Britain

The #ToriesforCorbyn campaign, spearheaded by the ever-charming, breast-oglingToby Young, is urging Conservatives to join the Labour Party and vote for Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn, these ardent Tory tweeters believe, will offer such an outlandish vision for the future of Britain that the Labour Party will inexorably receive a well-deserved thumping in the 2020 general election. 613 more words


"The Southern Strategy Doesn't Work Anymore": Rick Perry Wants To Reach Out To Black People. He’ll Have To Do A Lot Better

Yesterday, Rick Perry went to the National Press Club in Washington to deliver a speech that may have seemed unusual, in that it was characterized as an effort to reach out to African Americans, but actually contained much less than meets the eye. 1,173 more words


The Liberal Party in Five Years

While I distrust polls it would seem that the bloom is off Justin Trudeau’s rose and it is now a question of whether he’ll manage to hold the Orange tide sufficiently to save Harper or if he’ll be relegated to also-ran status once the debates occur. 717 more words