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Huck needs to cool the rhetoric

“We are moving rapidly toward the criminalization of Christianity.”

That was the Rev. Mike Huckabee in a conference call to conservative activists. The one-time Baptist preacher and former Arkansas governor is going to announce soon his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination and this is going to be a theme of his second White House campaign. 166 more words

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Could this be the election decided before a single vote is cast?

Planning on staying up next Thursday to find out the election results? Let me save you the hassle.

Barring a polling day turnaround of Thatcher-Kinnock proportions, the identity of our next government looks a dead cert. 640 more words

Lee Allen

A blue and not so pleasant land in local politics

I went to my local parish council meeting this evening, along with a few Mums who wanted to support a campaign to better the play and recreational facilities in our area. 241 more words

It's Happened Again, Conservatives Have Been Harassed Again In Such A Matter I thought Can Never Happen In America: This Time In Wisconsin

This is not the America I grew up in and this is also not the Democrat Party that I knew growing up. Of course there were disagreements on policy but that’s the nature of the beast by being either Republican or Democrat. 630 more words

Can the Lib Dems afford to rule out coalition?

The leader of the Liberal Democrats sought to capture election headlines on Friday (24 Apr.) by ruling out a coalition with the SNP. In a curious intervention, which centred on what a mandate would look like come May 8th, Nick Clegg sought to lay out conditions that would prevent the Lib Dems from entering into a coalition with either Labour or the Tories. 904 more words

What I learnt from meeting Councillor Abi Brown.

Hi All,

Today (27th April) with only a little over a week to go before the General Election, I caught up with Councillor Abi Brown… 752 more words

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