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Stop The Conservatives From Bringing Back Fox Hunting - Lobby Your MP!

Did any of you read the Conservative manifesto before the General Election? I did (I read the Green, Labour, LibDem and UKIP ones as well) and I was appalled to see that they actually planned to bring back fox hunting if they won. 480 more words


Protest Cartoons collection

Over the past few weeks I’ve made a few anti-Tory protest cartoons. I’ve collected them in this post. Feel free to use them for poster, placards and the like; you can add your own slogans or information about protest events or whatever I only ask that you don’t alter the actual artwork in any way. 26 more words


A modern application of the Good Samaritan for the Good People of the Right & the Left Wings.

Location: A park in a central part of town

A small dog was strolling along in the doggie playground.
The gate was left open that separated the part of the park for large dogs from the part of the park designated for small dogs. 446 more words


Proud To Be Irish Today

Ireland has legalized same-sex marriage in an overwhelmingly large margin of support.


I am of Irish, German, Danish, Dutch, and Jewish ancestry.  I am also a lesbian.   243 more words


For 2020 Labour must work with the Greens and Lib Dems if its to regain power

2020 may prove to be a more difficult election for Labour than 2015, with a possible worst outcome. Labour is seeing its more Eurosceptic white English working class support erode by Ukip. 322 more words


Post Election Rambles.

I’ve debated whether or not to write this, because I’m heavily opinion based when it comes to politics. I’m a strong debater when it comes to elections. 867 more words


Why we're reluctantly setting up a charity

Colin Crouch once wrote a Fabian pamphlet called ‘How to cope with post-democracy’.

He was arguing that despite democracy achieving the very minimal criterion of free and fair elections, since the 1970s we have gone from a mass society to a shareholder democracy, whereby power has been transferred from the many to the few. 692 more words