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The Koch Brothers' Company Stopped Asking Applicants This Question. And They're Getting Praise From Both Sides of the Aisle

Major Republican fundraisers with ties to numerous conservative organizations David and Charles Koch’s company Koch Industries has removed a question about past criminal history from their employment applications, a move that’s earning praise from across the political spectrum. 179 more words


Politicians running scared?

With just two weeks to go until the nation hits the voting booths, you’d expect to have seen a fair share of drama on the campaign trail by now. 243 more words

Alex Chooses... who?

Three weeks ago, I sent an email to the five candidates who are seeking to election to Westminster as MP for Swindon North on May 7th. 2,499 more words


Floaters are few, but the circus is for you (aka poetic titles are few and far between)

I rant… 

The general election campaign isn’t interesting to someone like me, who knows how he will vote…; I’m sure that you’re the same. I guess you are because anyone reading black text on a white background on a blog online is usually someone with enough intelligence to pull themselves away from the flashing colours of Candy Crush Saga or ‘betfrankdoublecash’arry.com whoaarrrr!!!!! 1,338 more words


Winning the Vote!

Don’t be one of those people. You know, one of those people who proclaim their complete disinterest and lack of knowledge regarding politics and then complain about the state of the country when they don’t vote? 410 more words

College Students

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