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 The Question Of YOU?


HEY YOU!, YOU right-wing, liberal hating, my sin is…above your sin, sanctimonious son-of-a bitch.

YOU should need Preparation-H, after the butthurt bestowed on YOUR backside this past week by YOUR suddenly not so Supreme Court. 409 more words


RIP Beau Biden! 


Take a quick glance at the beyond repulsive right-wing rhetoric aimed at VP Joe Biden’s family. What else would you expect from these people? These are the same folks that care more about dead police dogs and crooked cops vs. 308 more words


This Oreo Takes The Cake!


The fact that I agree with Sean Hannity about this discussion, shows just how much of an ignorant asshat that the less than revered Rev.Jesse Lee Peterson really is. 357 more words


The Teabaggers Best Black Friend...Strikes Out Against His Own...Again!


My feelings about the irritable scumbag Allen West have been consistently presented throughout this blog. When he isn’t proudly perched at the edge of the Tea Party’s lawn of insanity, this ass-kissing lawn jockey continues to bend over backwards, with no vaseline in sight…fighting for the rabidly  380 more words


True Oreos...Ignore Their Outsides...In Favor Of The Cream!


One of the most profoundly ignorant discussions of race imaginable…is present in the link above…and the one at the end of this post. The only Black voice on the panel…is that of a professional “stereotypical” proprietor of Uncle Tom’s less than esteemed state of consciousness. 194 more words




Each day that passes, every week that follows, we continue to see the Republican’s unprecedented, demonic hatred for President Obama. This fucking cesspool of tea-drunk, dregs of inhumanity deserves permanent placement behind bars in a remote location…far away from civilized society…so they can forever fuck themselves with their impetuous, inch-long, pseudo patriotic pricks. 268 more words


 The Powell Memorandum's Perverse Influence On Modern-Day Patriotism...Green Eggs&Ham Mean So Much!



Manipulating minds softer than silly putty…these two demonic foreigners with the help of fellow devils Lewis F. Powell, Jr. and Roger Ailes, have done everything imaginable to carry out The Powell Memorandum’s insidious plan to brainwash America into being “conservatively” insane. 315 more words