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 The Powell Memorandum's Perverse Influence On Modern-Day Patriotism...Green Eggs&Ham Mean So Much!



Manipulating minds softer than silly putty…these two demonic foreigners with the help of fellow devils Lewis F. Powell, Jr. and Roger Ailes, have done everything imaginable to carry out The Powell Memorandum’s insidious plan to brainwash America into being “conservatively” insane. 315 more words


Vaffanculo! Rudy Giuliani


Rudy Giuliani has lost whatever brains he still possessed after 9/11. His latest symptom of Obama Deranged Hatred Syndrome finds him questioning whether  President Obama loves America. 475 more words


Welfare=Racial Warfare...Don't Believe The Hillbilly Hype And Hypocrisy!

Now here’s the kicker: they’re all white. Brushton, New York, where this bust happened, has a population of roughly 480 people. Approximately 99.83% of the population is white, and 0.42% are black. 346 more words


Faux News Fabricates Another Fanatical Non-Story-Mr. Ben Ghazi Is Beyond Proud!


These lying losers are so desperate to weave a web of manufactured deceit…they will stop at nothing to create a phony scandal. Of course, their main constituency, which consists of people who have trouble comprehending letters on a kindergarten building block…ran with this non-story with speed that would make Usain Bolt blush…only to find out…once again…AS USUAL…THEY WERE WRONG!!! 166 more words


Reagan-The "Master-Baiter" Of Modern Day, Conservative Insanity


Modern day Conservatism is a joke. These mentally ill maniacs have had their simple minds shaped like silly putty as a result of worshipping this two-bit actor/incompetent imbecile. 325 more words


He's Black...Say It Out Loud...The Right Will NEVER Be Proud


The next two years will continue to prove that hatred for President Barack Obama has absolutely NOTHING to do with politics. If people hate an improving economy, the end of unnecessary wars, affordable healthcare options for more etc.=they need placement in a straight-jacket. 508 more words