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You never know what you have until it’s gone. Water. It’s everywhere. In the bottle next to you. In the sink in the room next to you. 326 more words


Click! Camera Traps!

So, I’m sure the first question you have is, “What is a camera trap?” Camera traps are a type of technology used to obtain critical data on wildlife and habitats. 484 more words

Big Cats

Barbados: Sargassum seaweed no threat to humans

Barbados’ beaches, like many other areas in the Caribbean, seem to be more and more invaded by sargassum seaweed. Although they have determined that the seaweed found on many beaches across the island poses no threat to human health, the National Conservation Commission (NCC) advised against swimming in areas where the seaweed is stagnant and has started to decompose. 313 more words


Green adventures in progress:

 ” If it has lived, it can live again.” – Geoff Lawton


Kakadu’s grasshopper population healthy

One of Kakadu’s iconic species – the brightly-coloured Leichhardts grasshopper is showing healthy populations across a number of survey sites. In 2012 a large, hot bushfire occurred and we expected to see less alyurr the following year. 193 more words

Kakadu National Park

Information is the tool for conservation

The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) is the oldest and largest global environmental organisation in the world, with something around 11,000 volunteer experts in 160 countries. 356 more words


Preserving Animal Habitats

The Situation:

It’s clear that human beings have had a devastating impact on the natural habitats of most other species on the planet. By some estimations, at least 10,000 species go extinct every year, largely due to habitat loss, overexploitation of resources, and other forms of environmental destruction. 967 more words