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Bring your own bag!

Today, Oʻahu will join the rest of the state in the plastic bag ban.  Retail stores will no longer provide plastic bags at the checkout, and some will offer paper or alternatives at a fee. 63 more words

New Cohort

Reverence, Wild Souls and Inner Landscapes ~ TreeSisters Update

Whether or not you know that you are beautiful,
the flowers gaze at you, whenever you walk by.

When your heart feels like stone
and you’ve lost sight of the gifts being given, 786 more words


Texas Gov. Signs Shark Fin Ban Into Law

I don’t get to say this often so, Way to go Texas! Also, I don’t always post articles from Discovery Channel, but this one’s too good to pass up! 6 more words

Born With Sand in My Shoes

Perhaps more accurately put; I’ve never worn a pair of shoes that didn’t have, at one time or another, Lake Michigan sand in them. I was raised and have always lived within a short distance of sand dunes. 382 more words

White Lake

US Navy SEAL Supports Ohio Ban on Ivory and Rhino Horn

U.S. Navy SEAL Supports Ohio Ban against Ivory & Rhino Horn Products

Hello Friends!

Please show your support to fellow constituent; U.S. Navy SEAL, “Christopher Mark Heben” for standing with me as we move towards the introduction of my Bill to Outlaw Ivory and Rhino Horn Products in Ohio! 47 more words


Vote for your favorite!

Winning design will be featured on our summer tees! Vote for the tee you want to wear. Voting ends on July 7th. Share with your friends. 20 more words

Rhino Ramblings

Restoring the Southern forest

The longleaf pine ecosystem of the South which once stretched from Virginia to Texas covered 90 million acres but was nearly destroyed during an impoverished era of US occupation and intense exploitation following the defeat of the independent South in the 1860s. 174 more words