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The Cardinal Sins of A Bad Male Dominant.

I have been a Dominant for nearly 20 years and over the years, I have formed certain… Opinions.  I was contacted last night by someone who asked me what as I saw them were the things that male dominants in general get wrong.   2,043 more words

Playing dressups

The night before, we had argued.  We had argued because he had consumed two bottles of red wine and anything else that he could find the dredges of, which would be almost zilch because he always finished everything off.   875 more words

Kait King

Memory Loss Of Consensual Sex

From reading threads here, I m now sure I m not the only one whose memory loss extends past the actual trauma. In the past year, I ve “met” a few guys who ve reminded me that we had sex at some point. 59 more words

Day 11: What are your views on the ethics of kink?

Well pretty much everyone I saw answer this question was like me. Not sure what exactly was being asked. And well neither am I. Most went with SSC and RACK which makes sense. 100 more words


A guide to fisting pt.1

Some peoples first reaction to the word fisting is “ahh scary!no. no, NO”. But that doesn’t mean people still aren’t curious or don’t want to know how to safely practice fisting. 489 more words


Cuckolding is a weird word, just by reading it its probably not a word you would recognize right off the bat.

Cuckolding in a fetish context is a type of mental masochistic act where a man finds enjoyment from watching his wife have sex with other men. 310 more words


Bisexuality is defined as the romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior towards the gender binary of males and females.

This fits into one of the three main sexual orientations. 346 more words