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Red text from another website:

Where are the days where women were wooed by class, elegance and stability? Now, women go for man buns hipsters who care more about how much weed is in their joint than cash in their bank.  

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Underneath her saree..

…she was naked. Bare feet, hair a mess of tangles. Kohl-smudged eyes. Just nine yards of red chiffon wrapped around her modesty. She smiled at him and moved away from the door. 1,382 more words


Funny Sex Stories pt. 1

So, I have quite a few friends on Facebook that are very open with their sex lives and I totally love it! The best stories come from these people and here are a few. 436 more words


So it comes to this:

fatpeoplehate is banned; part of the reason why I’m becomiung fit is because of FPH; the banning is just fee-fee feeding. 115 more words


What level of sub am I?

I was given this website: http://www.sirbamm.com/submission.html to take a look at, and try to see where I fall in the listed 9 levels of submission. 224 more words


To David and anyone else Interested why not Join This stable and remain anonymous

Yes David this is for you why not join my stable ?  I have told you how to join but for anyone else who is interested in feeling more Horny than you ever done and have a very young Mistress then you can email me at haylee_bristol@mail.com or text my mobile/cell phone its  +44   07542871092    just text Stable info or head your email with same and I will get right back to you so take a good look and remember I am here 24/7 for all my members. Mistress Haylee.