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Day 7: Setting High Standards

Where I currently work, we’re always making sure that we set high standards for ourselves and our customers. In short, this means that we’re keeping things clean, having a great attitude and ensuring that the food is always fresh. 356 more words

Defining Your True Self

Sentience: The Ghost in the Machine

You probably have all heard the phrase “the ghost in the machine”? It was also the title of a book by Arthur Koestler on the problem of mind-body dualism (which I have yet to read, I must confess). 1,322 more words


All Forms of Movement

The mind is a council of gathered and generated perspectives asked to converse with the soul in all forms of movement.


The Team of Your Brain: All Athletes, No Coach.

Your conscious mind — believe it or not — is not in charge of your day-to-day behavior.

That claim may seem counter intuitive and contrary to your experience, but it has been demonstrated in controlled experiments time and again. 736 more words

Sterling Lynch

The Idea of God

Published on Apr 21, 2015

A discussion about the essence of prayer.


The Four Insights

Wisdom, Power, and Grace of the Earthkeepers, Los Angeles: Hay House, 2007.

The Four Insights chronologically is the last of the three books by… 970 more words

The New Paradigm