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In the Beginning: First things First

Establishing Our Self Awareness begins with the Acceptance of our inner truth.

Our first earthly job is to accept that what we are, just as we are, is  being the best possible person we could be, to play This Game of Life, in the way we planed to play it this time, To acknowledge that we are a divine being, pretending to be this particular person and we accept the challenge. 144 more words

Who are you?

I see fog

I see haze

My eyes

Gather no waves

I’m me

Then I’m Not.

I can see

Then it’s blocked.

Consciousness lifted

Then restored… 39 more words


Shifts in Consciousness

Listen to The HumanExperience – “Transformation” before reading.

“In using art as a tool for transformation we have the opportunity to create a reality that is beautiful, healthy and strong as our imagination permits.” 794 more words


Consciousness puzzle .

… if you think you know consciousness you need to think again , is their a perspective complete for this within or a complete mindset for this within ? 374 more words



So many things I do
so many things not I
who does these things
I do

These things I do
to hide
to feel
to run… 38 more words

The Care and Feeding of Criticism

At times, we all fear criticism and give it a power it should not have. We do this by making it into some ghastly bogeyman, who we believe will murder us soundlessly in our sleep if we so much as let our guard down, even for the smallest of seconds.   1,798 more words


Are you building awareness or following ? Only you know . Ask .

At this point i ask the planet that title question but only in fairness because as with all things , i have first asked it myself . 238 more words