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The Effects of Fluoride on Consciousness and the Will to Act

By: TLB Staff
Published June 25, 2015, in HEALTH, Tyranny

By: Jordan Resnick New evidence has linked fluoride and other chemicals to brain disorders. What other unknown effects might this industrial by-product added to our water supply have? 1,267 more words

“Working on our own consciousness
is the most important thing that
we are doing at any moment, and
being love is a supreme creative act.”
Ram Dass


Turmoil and Sickness and Pain

Uranocircite – Barium Uranyl Phosphate Hydroxide.  Quite a lovely Crystal, tempting us to try to harness the Power of the Uranium in it.  Pluto was discovered about the same time as the Bomb.  1,626 more words


Be In the Now

Jon Kabat-Zinn, creator of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, said:

It is not that mindfulness is the “answer” to all life’s problems.

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Life and Beyond

Life without the boundaries
Expands from now and beyond
Concentric circles of consciousness
Waves that binds with cosmic reverberation
Creating intricate patterns of responsiveness
Mind holds the multitude of thoughts…
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Capricorn Full Moon - Venus/Jupiter Conjunction, Wed. July 1, 2015 ~ Meg Benedicte

Today, July 1, is the Capricorn Full Moon. You may have noticed it shimmering brilliant light in the night sky. This Full Moon opposes the Sun and Mars in Cancer, and forms a trine with fire signs. 673 more words