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"The Divine in Geometrical Abstractions"

I love abstract art–though there is little other art I do not feel just as strongly about–but I happened to come upon a series of Geometrical Abstractions and seeing them all together was overwhelming. 116 more words


The Road Back to Shamanism

Finally back from a long hiatus of blogging and writing. My thoughts have been disjointed and amorphous about the nature of reality and definitive structures of the spirit world, and has lead my search for answers back to shamanism. 328 more words

Are You The Daughter Dreamer?

What matters in the middle of the night…

Your target sole obsession

Your soul rite

The devil’s force within

Shakes dead courage skin

Left standing, All in


The Genius Within

Our society often attempts to bend us and break us into predefined boxes that suit corporate and government needs. Understanding that we all have a little genius within can help us find the strength required to truly explore our undefined potential, ultimately leading to a greater contribution to ourselves, our community, family & humanity as a whole.


Healing the wounded child - new course

Available now directly from the main Karen Dover website is the Anchoring LIGHT within- healing the wounded child and the release of patterns course.  This course helps  release a very dense lower dimensional frequency pattern that we are taught to anchor within the first few years of our human life experience. 111 more words


A whirlwind of feelings

All about you

Dare to reveal them

Directly to you?

I watch you, so endearingly

You make my soul soar

when we’re together…

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