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Cause And Effect Easter Road Safety Message

Cause And Effect Spiritual Mindfulness

I often watch people driving on our roads and what I see is not nice. Most people are good and mind the road rules, but there is a small percentage of the population that gives no thought to others on the road. 1,044 more words


The Reimagining

Scott Russell Sanders, one of Indiana’s sagest voices for social and ecological justice, led a workshop Sunday called Writing While the World Burns.* His books, from… 305 more words


Love Where You Live

I asked for a magnifying glass in my Christmas stocking this year. I’d just read Lyanda Lynn Haupt’s excellent book Crow Planet, in which she advocates becoming a “citizen naturalist.” I aspire to that: to take the time to look closely at nature, right here in the urban habitat. 374 more words


New World Order 2015 The Hegelian Dialectic

The Hegelian Dialectic

(Yin and Yang principles exploited to their fullest) 81 more words

Ian Scott

The Inevitable Awakening

By WakingTimes March 4, 2015 Zen Gardner, Guest, Waking Times

The waking up process is a very personal experience. Once we become aware of the existence of a fabricated world we thought to be real and that our true nature is anything but what we’ve been told, there’s no turning back. 1,746 more words


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You know the days when one finds oneself thinking about something in particular, e.g., John F. Kennedy's famous Secret Society Speech from April 1961.. and the thoughts that accompany the memories of the incredible power of the speech? Well, I was thinking about this speech earlier this week and even broached the subject of JFK's assassination on my show. You know the days when you realise that everyone has come together for a reason.. at the right time? This article, penned by the amazing Zen Gardner and shared by the equally amazing Linda Sky on her earthchangeaffirmations blog, arrived in my reader today. Perfect synchronicity, exquisite timing. Recommended reading and an article that also encourages the Awake and those who are awakening never to give up on hope or love. Thank you, Zen and thank you, Linda.

Reserve Bank Privately Owned And Corrupt

Reserve Banks Of The World

Federal Reserve Criminal Banking Cartel

Does anyone ask who owns the reserve bank ?. Why do they have total control ?. 265 more words

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