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Reserve Bank Privately Owned And Corrupt

Reserve Banks Of The World

Federal Reserve Criminal Banking Cartel

Does anyone ask who owns the reserve bank ?. Why do they have total control ?. 265 more words

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To Bring Light to a Violence-Weary World

If you’re seeing similarities between ISIS and the Nazi’s under Hitler, and wondering if you’re accurate with seeing these similarities, then you’re correct. There is a reason why we see similarities – because they are similar. 543 more words

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Wild Geese Wisdom

From Wendell Berry’s poem “The Wild Geese” comes this steadying stanza:

…And we pray, not
for new earth or heaven, but to be
quiet in heart, and in eye…

131 more words

Science vs. Religion - the Human Spirit

The Human Spirit Transcends Science: Science is a great tool of and for mankind.  Like any tool, it is useful in certain situation, but worthless in others.  1,584 more words

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The Ukraine Crisis

“Hello, I would like to know how you see the Ukraine crisis developing in 2015 from a psychic point of view. It seems that Russian President Putin is volatile and dangerous. 681 more words

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Choice At Dawn Poem

Inspirational Spiritual Poetry

Spirit Of Choices

The cycle of the grand trine is reaching
completion and where do we feature.

Events of the future can only be predicted… 336 more words

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Real Security

Last week I heard an NPR story about an interesting social study. Researchers surveyed residents of Palestinian towns before and after dismantling certain checkpoints that had been set up by Israeli forces. 355 more words