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Obligatory post about The Dress

The Dress is definitely interesting for lots of reasons, even if to most people it has passed into boring, back to retro and off into ridiculously passée by now. 496 more words


Damaging Ideas/Practices Promoted by Some Members the "Conscious Community"

This phrase “Conscious Community” is quite popular these days. I use it myself. Generally speaking, it refers to those brothers and sisters with some useful degree of sociopolitical awareness, African-centered knowledge of Black history or the Black experience, and an understanding of white supremacy. 1,654 more words

Agyei Tyehimba

Allowing God to drive your life

We are constantly aware of our limitations, however there is no limit for God’s Love. Be mindful today, whenever you notice yourself driving your life and quickly jump over to the passenger side and allow your Creator to create. 18 more words

Higher Consciousness

Who Am I

A fascinating talk by Swami Sarvapriyananda about “Who am I?” through understanding who I am not.


Cloud Space

Since this has happened twice, I feel as if it is worth some documentation.

I’ve been fortunate enough to witness many a great meditation moments: from receiving images to assist me on my path, to accessing waves of ultimate bliss. 377 more words


Why My Relationships Will Never Be The Same

All of the sudden it happened.  After months of lazing about recovering from surgery I have found myself back in the workforce.  I now have emails to respond to, lessons to plan, projects to coordinate, and an alarm clock going off in the morning.   399 more words


How can you trust a company justifying unequal treatment?

Exceeding my sales target for the third consecutive year a colleague made me aware that my salary was far too low for the type of job I did. 287 more words