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Looking outside of You...

It’s funny because most of our lives we spend seeking after the approval of others. Too often we put aside our own intuition,  our own instincts, our thoughts, our view of life and our ideas of morality so that it coincides with other’s perspectives. 210 more words


You Are Living in Parallel Realities

The weekend workshop had closed splendidly, sacred awakenings being dynamically experienced by all the participants. My facilitation of the three-day process being held at a retreat center on Whidbey Island constituted only one in a series of events I had held there over the years. 1,312 more words


mind is everywhere

Universal consciousness …

a shift of perspective or attitude as …

verification by the possibility and potentiality of already-existing with a universal consciousness of what could happen. 43 more words


Nine Deadly Sins with Coffee - Part Seventeen

I waited while she brought the coffee; waited and moved my feet around in the sodden boots, enjoying the effect the squelching noise had on those on the next table. 629 more words



Thousands of people have had the experience of their Consciousness separating from their physical bodies! They found themselves in another dimension. They reported that they had been absolutely overwhelmed with love. 461 more words


Awareness Creates a Better Life ❤

Researching consciousness can never bring you enlightenment. Reading and knowing, researching and applying, wanting and doing are different things. I realise this through hindsight, each time I thought I was getting there, reaching towards enlightenment, I’d suffer or smile a lesson that ultimately taught me that the reaching doesn’t end, and I have since realised I don’t want it to end. 339 more words

Law Of Attraction