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The Thoth Moon

Next up we have the Moon card from the Thoth Tarot deck.

Whilst the Priestess represents the most exalted characteristics of the Moon, the Moon card represents the darker side. 418 more words


Dream Clean

I have just woken up from an exhilirating, cleansing and relieving dream packed full of vampires, fashion, music, castles, stationary and mystical possessions.

Possessions is the perfect word. 609 more words

Heavy Heart

Do You go through out your day and say, “hey look at me I’m a broken dynasty!”

The person that stole your affections has your heart tide around their hip by a string, while your heart drags through the mud of no return as you craw to get it back. 234 more words

Blog: Thoughts In Harmony

What if???

What if you woke up tomorrow and some one you disliked died? You would be down, sad, or I just can’t believe it??? Even though you disliked them. 78 more words


Relationships: Never Let Your Past Control Your Future

You generally tend to see people with a filter that you have created for yourself. This filter has been created with your past experiences with that person and your belief systems. 502 more words


Conscious Language Can Start at Birth

I would like to start off by sharing the simple truth that: beyond my own birth, I have yet to attend a BIrth. A real life Birth. 351 more words

You Are Without TimeĀ 

Recently my minds wandered over, round, in circles, upon thoughts of time. Timeless is our souls yes my mind is embedded in this belief now. Taken a step further I have thought more about how the outside is a reflection of the inside. 227 more words