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Bath Mallows and Lip Gloss

I was very blessed a couple of weekends ago to be able to spend some mammy-daughter time with Little Lady. D went to my mums and us girls went to a BathMallow making workshop. 339 more words


Dreaming With Our Eyes Open

Faith can be a tricky thing, because it requires us to trust in something that we cannot see-leaving us at the mercy of fate. We can hope and wish for something, placing all of our faith in those desires, only to have fate step in with a totally different plan. 65 more words

Detox your home

Here’s a lovely diddy I contributed for the April issue of our local Natural Awakenings publication: ECO Feng Shui┬ápage 13,14

Conscious Living

Field Notes: On Light

The moon doesn’t asked to be looked at, nor does the sun, it just provides the light so we can see and look around us. As artists, as people, we are light, not to be looked at, not to blind, but to shine. 23 more words

Conscious Living

I think we are born with a need for connection because our bodies know that everything is connected. Our bodies remember when there was no separation between particles, from the infinite and ourselves. 35 more words

Conscious Living

The Holy Books Are Still Being Written...It's Your Life

The drama of transformation, of transcendence, of good and evil, temperance and indulgence, the beginning and the end are being played out in the drama-scape of your life and consciousness. 821 more words