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Levitating Objects In Paramagnetic Liquids

Two weekends ago was the Bay Area Maker Faire, and lacking a venue to talk to people who actually make things, we had a meetup at a pub… 319 more words

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Balticon? Balticon!

It was noon, this past Wednesday, and I’d nearly recovered from Steampunk World’s Faire. When I suddenly remembered that Balticon was nearly here. I’d been contemplating day-tripping for the Writers Track panels, so I opened the schedule back up to look. 253 more words


LayerOne Demoscene Demoboard Party

The LayerOne conference is over, and that means this last weekend saw one of the biggest demoscene parties in the USA. Who won? A European team. 330 more words


Comicpalooza 2015!

It’s Memorial Day weekend, which also means it’s Comicpalooza weekend (in Houston, at least) and…well, I’m sure you can figure out the rest.

Comicpalooza is Houston’s “Big Con,” and it’s only getting bigger and bigger. 1,157 more words

LayerOne Hardware Hacking Village

Go to DEFCON and you’ll stand in line for five hours to get a fancy electronic badge you’ll be showing to your grandchildren some day. Yes, at DEFCON, you buy your hacker cred. 403 more words


The Friday Geek 5/22/2015

It’s Memorial Day weekend and some of you will be headed for the beach or BBQing with friends!

If you need something ot get into let’s find a way for you! 205 more words

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