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Apps to Know: Spritz

Nick Alcazar, General Engineering

Reading lengthy, and sometimes dry pages of text is a daunting task for most people. This is especially relevant in the educational world where chapters of reading are often assigned on a daily, or weekly basis. 666 more words

Student Posts

Walker Stalker Con - The Dead Invade Dallas on March 14th and 15th

In just two weeks the halls of the Dallas convention center will be overrun with the dead and survivors fending them off alike. Now don’t worry – there’s no oncoming apocalypse, at least not yet anyway, rather it’s Walker Stalker Con: a sci-fi horror convention celebrating the hit TV/comic series The Walking Dead. 249 more words


LinkedIn; How it Both Positively and Negavtively Effects Small Buisnesses

LinkedIn is a professional net working cite that was found in 2003,  the company was founded by Reid Hoofman and currently 347 million users all over the world. 493 more words

Social Media

Repairing your lawn Vs replacing with instant turf

So you have purchased a home, but it requires a lot of work as the frontage is over populated with weeds and the grass is very patchy. 275 more words


To pseudonym or to not pseudonym?

I’ve been thinking about pseudonyms lately, and whether or not I should consider using one if I ever get published. It has its pros and cons, I’m sure. 222 more words


The Shitty Bits

So when someone moves abroad or goes travelling you’re constantly updated on social media of the awesome beaches and bars in some far-flung country. When they come home you get to meet up and listen to what they did, who they did and how they’re ‘changed’. 814 more words