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The Conors. Or ConorX2. Conor Squared?

Yesterday we recorded another **bonus** episode with The Conors:  Conor Barry and Conor O’Toole. These Conors run The Firehouse Film Festival in Filmbase (say that ten times fast) on the first Saturday of every month. 71 more words


My Crock of Gold

I found these guys at the end of a rainbow. A very green rainbow…

At school Conor drew a rainbow and melted my heart with what he found on the other side:


UFC and it's rise in Ireland

Now I know what you’re all thinking, and no this is going to be about UFC and not one guy in particular.  So i’m going to try to do this without mentioning his name.  513 more words

Chapter Eight: White Mithril

When my arm was finally healed, I managed to mend my broken ears as well.  The instant my most potent mana-sense was restored, I quickly looked toward Conor’s broken and battered body. 6,687 more words


Chapter Seven: Invasion

When I finally returned to my senses: I had some delicious antler-bear blood, took a few sips from Ethir’s wrist, and took a short nap as the situation progressed.   5,132 more words


Chapter Six: Remedy

With all of our preparations finished, we simply had to board the gigantic silver worm; Ailyn said it was called a Maglev.  She was the only person who understood how to operate the device which controlled the creature, so it was her job to guide us to our destination. 4,869 more words


Chapter Five: Departure

A few weeks after my recovery, the storm outside had subsided; I was able to start teaching and preparing for our departure again.  Among the dark-elves, nearly all of them were proficient in at least one form of magic and many were excellent craftsmen. 6,448 more words