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This is why I do it

There are so many people who get up every morning and go to work, where they absolutely love what they do or they absolutely hate it and are only doing it for the money. 339 more words

Value And Self-worth

Kindered Spirits

My dog, Mika, and I are a lot a like. We both have traumatizing pasts full of stigma that continue to affects us. I was stigmatized for my disability, Mika for her reactive aggression. 79 more words


Canine Companions

I was afraid of dogs when I was little. My grandma had a small, gentle, old dog. I learned that dogs were not scary because of her. 122 more words


A Touch of Grace

If touch can be shown
Through the medium of words,
Then you have touched
Me a thousand times.
And while the moon shines
On a still Spring night, 9 more words


Bad Experience Turned Good

I had a math professor that was my way or the highway. She wouldn’t allow different learning styles or different ways of solving the math problems. 104 more words


Excerpt: "Memory Escapes", A Novel

* * * * * * *

I am not now certain whether it is that I am awake when writing this, or dreaming. I am considerably certain of nothing at all! 741 more words


association; relationship
a part, link, bond
an attachment of trust,
of care found like
the favourite sweater
you almost got rid of
no matter the tears… 44 more words