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My passion opens the door. Invites you in.
My body dripping with desire.
My mind alive with anticipation and intrigue.
Another mystery to delve into. 64 more words


Without Trying

Without trying
Crush my soul
like parched weeds
beneath the stars

Take skin for bone
Words flee your
lips again like fire

Without trying… 38 more words

Body And Mind


Somewhere in the human soul lies a yearning for connection. I can’t guarrantee that this force is active in every person on the planet, but I truly believe that it’s there in most, if not all of us. 485 more words


My Computer

I have a connection with my computer. I think most people now days has that connection, although most people have it with their phone than their computer. 127 more words


Intentions in Nature

Do you know why you go into nature?  What are your reasons for being in the outdoors?  Sometimes I step outdoors for exercise or fresh air, sometimes I need to clear my mind, relax, or release tension. 451 more words


Exploring Mira Flores

(May 13, 2015)

Volunteers begin to arrive tonight around 5:30pm. After confirming a few details, the afternoon belonged to me. With no destination in mind, I wandered up and down the streets of Mira Flores, a district in Lima. 438 more words

A Little Bit Of Me

It's Tea Time

Throughout my life, tea and coffee have always been present. My father drank at least three cups of coffee a day for as long as I can remember. 675 more words