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Mystery Love

Through the first wall
The delicate inner space
Between membrane
And cellular, suspended movements
Gaps as wide and small as a water droplet
To the centre… 67 more words


A Million Jewel Anemones

I dip my head in,
Brace myself,
And dive deep
To vertical walls and gullies
Where no one goes.

After a storm
New life
Competes for space… 71 more words



Happy 4th of July!  A perfect day to get out and be part of the community….and share the tradition of a farmers’ market, and wear your patriotic red, white and blue.

A Sea of Glass

I stand on a sea of glass
Below ~
Fractals of light
Before ~
Your house.

Half-closed blinds

I watch you through
Bevelled windows
Sometimes I disappear in the curves… 30 more words


how your invisibility helps keep your ego in check, so that you can change the world (daily hot! quote)

“With inner freedom comes a high level of invisibility. You move in and out of interactions, deeply connecting with others, transforming relationships and situations, and things without ever being seen, while concurrently accruing an unfathomable sight.” -Amy Larson, amyjalapeno.com



Let me keep company always with those who say, “Look!” and laugh in astonishment, and bow their heads.  ~Mary Oliver


Through the Keyhole ~ An Insiders view on LOVE

If someone were to spy through the keyhole of your home, your heart and mind.

How much love would they find residing there?

Through the keyhole is a British comedy panel game created by Sir David Frost.   250 more words