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Conker's Big Reunion Full Playthrough

Let’s Play Legit! KJ goes through the entire Project Spark DLC of “Conker’s Big Reunion”. To top it off, he checks out one of the more popular community games in “Conker’s Whack-off”. 21 more words


Saturday Video Round Up: April 19 - 25

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It’s a brand new Video Round Up! Brace yourself for a whole week’s worth of video content from the latest trailers to the biggest gameplay footage. 279 more words


Project Spark Tutorial - Making Your First Game

Of Sparks and Squirrels

Have you ever wanted to build your very own game? Well, if you’ve got an Xbox One or PC, then a great place to start taking those first few adventurous steps into the game creation process is… 7,783 more words

Xbox One

Top 10: Characters You Wouldn't Want To Meet In An Alley

Let’s face it, the likelihood is you wouldn’t want to meet any of the following in a darkened alley on your way home from a night on the town, even if some of them are so called ‘heroes’. 461 more words

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The Latest Trailer For 'Conker's Big Reunion' Delivers 'Inception' BRAAAMs And Giant Farts

As we reported a couple weeks back, Conker is returning for an all new adventure in Conker’s Big Reunion. Well, sort of. The episodic series is being made with Microsoft’s game building engine, … 118 more words


Interview with game developer Chris Seavor

Lewd, rude, and excessively vulgar – these are all expressions that can be used to describe Conker’s Bad Fur Day, the 3D platformer released by Rare in 2001. 1,322 more words