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Financing the ACA -- Explained, Updated, and Revealed!

Now that King v. Burwell has been relegated to history’s dustbin, let’s return for a deeper dive into the June 2015 report from the Congressional Budget Office… 861 more words

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Could the U.S. End Up Like Greece? II. How Long Will It Take?

My last blog post, “Could the U.S. End Up Like Greece?” compares Greece’s present fiscal situation (public debt at 180% of GDP) with our own current fiscal situation (public debt at 74% of GDP and rising fast).  293 more words

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U.S. debt headed toward Greek levels

United States’ projected debt over the next 25 years looks a lot like Greece’s over the past 25.

With all the chaos unravelling in Greece, Congress would be wise to do what it takes to avoid reaching Greek debt levels.

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CBO -- China’s Growing Energy Demand: Implications for the United States: Working Paper 2015-05

China’s Growing Energy Demand: Implications for the United States: Working Paper 2015-05
Source: Congressional Budget Office

Growing rapidly in recent decades, China’s demand for energy has nearly doubled since 2005—making China the world’s largest consumer of energy.

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CBO: Repealing ObamaCare would make the deficit soar

Mike Enzi, chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, had a few important questions that he thought he wanted answered: If Congress repealed ObamaCare, how much money could the federal government save? 369 more words

CBO Says ACA Repeal Will Increase Uninsured and Federal Deficits (by a lot)

My favored definition of “health policy wonk” is someone who reads health reports from the Congressional Budget Office AND enjoys it.  Guilty as charged.  Last Friday’s new report, “ 778 more words

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Here's how much an Obamacare repeal would cost

The Congressional Budget Office has released its latest estimates for the financial cost should Congress repeal the Affordable Care Act—and it wasn’t what many Republicans were hoping for. 251 more words