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Would you be willing to take 5 minutes to urge your members of congress to attend a briefing on how pornography fuels sex trafficking of minors? 55 more words

Untangling the Puerto Rican Debt Crisis Is Going to Be a Mess

Puerto Rico is short $73 billion it owes its creditors. Untangling the mess that got the island to this point is going to be a Herculean task, and there’s the potential to lose a lot of cash in the process. 612 more words

The Cable

Kid United Republic Government Orders New GI Bill.

Good Morning.

Today, Jackson Cole (Majority Chairman of Congress) has proposed a new bill concerning of the Pannonian War veterans. He announced that the soldiers that were injured demand the government for medical bills and other damages caused by the war. 68 more words


Import-Export Bank charter expires. Now America can't front that work!

The Export-Import Bank expires Tuesday at midnight for the first time since the small federal agency was created during the Depression to help U.S. businesses export their products. 378 more words

Hustler's Corner

Repairing History......Political statements.

Warning SoapBox Comment………I hate to say it but every-time the campaign begins the false statements come out. I don’t need to point out the bad comment and false statements about the Constitution over the last few months that politicians. 77 more words