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"It's not about the money, money, money", sings Jessie J. But it is.

Did you know that Jessie J has a congenital heart defect? . That fact is nothing to do with this post.

Over the weekend I did some sums and I worked out that, after paying for childcare and train fares, I earn about £15 a week, which I then spend on food. 291 more words


I got high in Yellowstone

Sometimes I can’t resist a cheeky post title. The truth is, I climbed a mountain in Yellowstone, and I never would have thought I could. Not three years ago, when I almost died, but really not even before that, when my heart was weak and had a congenital defect I didn’t even know about, in all the years before I almost died, when I thought I was just a wimp with no endurance. 887 more words


The Time That I Freaked Out

It’s very bizarre to fill out medical paperwork on behalf of Emmy. Since we moved a couple months ago, we’ve entered a new school system, and we’ve had to find new doctors and dentists. 1,118 more words


Zaki and Buttons

My little brother Buttons is SUPER excited to be praying for a little boy named Zaki.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Zaki. Thank you that he has been able to have his heart surgery. 132 more words

I have been MIA | Reason why | Good news!

Oh boy! Have I been missing you guys!

As you all may, or may not have noticed that I have been MIA (Missing in action) for quite some time now. 389 more words


Guest Blogs for Father's Day Weekend

This is the 4th entry in my series on Fatherhood this month.  Enjoy!


Hey everyone!  Father’s Day is almost here!  I’ve had the great fortune of having two really wonderful groups reach out to me regarding guest blogging on their sites and I’ve really enjoyed the experience so far.   199 more words


The HLHS Dad on The Mighty!

This is the third entry in my series on Fatherhood this month.  Enjoy!


I’ve had the great honor of having a post I wrote featured on the website The Mighty (themighty.com).   203 more words