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Mid-Trib Confusion CLARIFIED! ~ End-Times Prophecy SIMPLIFIED!

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Has Scottie suddenly lost his mind and become a mid-tribulation rapture theory believer?! What was that last video really supposed to mean? 7 more words

The wrong way to teach sex ed...

Jeremy and I were having one of those conversations about the silly things zie and zir sister said when they were younger. I told Jeremy about zir… 408 more words


Blue Eyes

Those blue eyes follow me everywhere.





I am trying to ignore them.

They steal into my brain,

And lay in wait for weakness… 99 more words


Demonstrating the Lack of Scholarship in a "Scholar's" Questioning of Biblical Marriage

What’s the fastest way to recognize that someone has an agenda? By simply listening to what they say.

Right now, on the heels of the… 2,083 more words


from the curb, I saw her eyes

Teddy here,

It’s been over two weeks since you flew home. I finally opened the suitcase that I had brought with me for your visit because I needed a clean shirt. 230 more words


p. 162

The car rattles underneath me. Wedged between a dark woven seat belt and the child seat to my right. Plastic presses into flesh with the lust of Draculean fangs grown yellow from thirst. 97 more words


Weekend confusion

Allen is ready for his July Fourth bonfire tomorrow. Gonna be a good one, he says. He spent most of this morning watching me clean up the cabin — and getting in my way whenever he could. 482 more words

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